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Soapweed said:
Just watched my kid get a score of 3124. He went at it like Cool Hand Luke.

P.S. Had to edit my other post because I spelled "junior" wrong. It is not "juniour". It's a wonder my kid can do anything, wearing my genes. :???: :)
Good grief!! 3124?? Whew - I "perfected" my 'Eye-Hand" coordination as a young man by flipping oat and wheat sheaves bound with 'Binder Twine" (Remember that stuff you young whipper-snappers?) with a three-prong pitchfork up onto a hay wagon to be drawn by a team of wild two-year-old mules to a thrashing machine run by an "OLD" steam engine tractor with a big wide belt popping and snapping about 6 inches from the 'near' wild-eyed Jackass doing HER best to kick the tongue out of the hay wagon - - -and ME too! (At a wage of fifty cents per DAY - and found). Now, THAT Folks, is OLD! :shock: The Good Ol' Daze! :???: :? :shock:

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