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Feeling sorry for myself

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These pictures you all have been posting make our area look pretty sorry again this year.

We are barely going to get by this year again, not a good year in the 2000's so far. Thanks to these good cattle prices, or things would be downright depressing. We are way understocked for a "normal" year.

Here is Buffalo compared against some other western SD towns.


----------- SINCE SINCE SINCE SINCE ------------
------- -- -- -- -- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----
Bison 72 +7 99 47| 0.00 15.64 14.87 +1.85 +3.04| 2252 +159
Buffalo 72 +8 100 46| 0.00 6.88 6.65 -4.25 -3.30| 2325 +336
Dupree 74 +8 102 47| 0.00 15.41 14.29 +1.81 +2.38| 2417 +121
Mc Intosh 72 +8 96 45| 0.21 12.81 12.03 -0.55 +0.14| 2384 +239
Newell 69 +5 97 44| 0.00 14.55 13.64 +2.45 +3.04| 2239 +156
Timber Lake 74 +9 98 46| 0.00 12.56 10.95 -1.85 -1.50| 2325 +138

A neighbor to the NW of here said he is in the 5 inch range for the year. :mad:

How about some sympathy? :wink:
I think we are at about 11 inches since Jan 1, 05. You sure got my sympathy, cuz it's damn dry around here and if I read your post right, you got less than us! :cry:
Your chart is a little hard to figure out, Jake, but I get from it that you are very dry~

Many times Buffalo has looked way better than we have. It just stinks to have year after year of drought. I do feel sorry for you.

I even feel sorry for us, we haven't had moisture to speak of since the first part of July. Just south of us, from Willard to Ekalaka, I think they are pretty good yet.

At least if you have to buy hay, it isn't too pricey. Actually, the guys putting it up will do good to recoup the price of harvesting it.

Wish we could do something for ya. Guess it's the same old tune, "It'll be better NEXT YEAR!"

Hang in there, you have a lot to be thankful for.
I'm feeling for you Jake-I was just thinking today when I was swathing how lucky we are again this year- spring rain gave most the pastures a good shot to start...Only the community pasture on Cherry Creek looks a little sickly- but the springs are still running and the reservoirs have water in them- even with being an inch or so under normal- only 10.8 for the year...Then 10 miles further north we had good moisture- over 14 inchs- pastures look great-- can't get the flax combined and the cows thrown on the stubble because of all the green runners that came with the late moisture....

FH- is right about hay tho- should be lots of cheap hay...We're only cutting the good stuff and leaving the rest for fall, winter grazing- have about double what we had going into last winter- and since there is lots of hay up here and it won't be worth selling...Was going to swath graze some- until the price of gas went up- might be more wasteful, but cheaper to just let them pick...Besides I'm sick of haying- seems like all I've done all year--See Jake there are disadvatages to having moisture :wink: :lol: ...
Hey I feel what yur sayin although we have the best crops we've had in years the weathers been SOO bad looks like we may not get those crops off.... we're hearing ramblings of snow tonight and it sure looks like its possible... :cry:
I appreciate what everyone is saying. Everybody has upsides, and downsides, depending on the year. I am actually greatful for what we did have because about April, I thought we might not have a cow left around here by now. Then we had a dab of rain, and then the wet snow in May 11 or so. Then a few rains after that, and then mid summer a few more decent showers. We need rain in May and June around here to grow our best grass.

FH, Buffalo itself normally looks better than a lot of areas because like Soapweeds country it sits on a big pile of sand, and can take the heat better along with the later season grasses around Buffalo. Our way usually is the first part of the country to dry out, and we are used to that. Heck, up in the NE corner of our county near ND, they grow dryland corn some years, and you would never dream of that around here.

The chart didn't come out like is should have, but it says Buffalo has had 6.88 inches of rain for the year, when other areas are well over ten. Our normal for the year is a little less than twice of what we have had so far.
Hey greg, I'd hate for you to get snow tonite. Don't think it will happen here tonite, as it was 96 deg. today in sunny SD. :D
Faster Horses and Oldtimer----our forecast is calling for a BIG change in the weather comin on tonight and lasting through Monday!!! Low temps, lots and lots of moisture and even a chance of snow in the higher elevations!!! Not good for the hubby trying to get done with 2nd cutting hay (would have been done if not for the ever present equiptment failures and breakdowns) and with the harvesting of the wheat!!!! However, we most certainly do need the moisture!
Jake----sure would like to send some of this coming our way over to your way!!! Good luck!!!
This just goes to show that, no matter where you are, you are at the mercy of the weather.
We had a sh@tload of rain in June,after 3 years of drought,and pretty much nothing since. Lowground is flooded and the hills are parched.
This is what makes ranching/farming so interesting and so much FUN!!! :lol: :lol:
ranchwife- I know what your talking about-- we have about 20 acres of hay left to swath and about 80 left to bale- this forecast of cool and rain may slow it up...But it has to be better than the 95-100 stuff we had the last couple days- by 1PM today I was about cooked...... Then on top of it the swather rolled forward while I was changing a sickle section early this morning- sickle guard hit me right in the head and poked a hole and made a nice gash- had blood dripping down my neck all morning while swathing- finally quit about noon- came home and took a shower to wash the blood out of my hair and scraped the scab off and its still oozing blood tonight- dang head wounds- bleed like a stuck hog.......
Jake, I feel your dry pain. We've sure had our share in years gone by. Take heart, at least we're not trying to run cattle in N'Orleans, and the prices are good.

OT, I empathize with your oozie owie. It has to hurt, by guard. Don't let your pillow get stuck to your head and wreck your hair-do. :wink:
ranchwife, have you checked 'ranch weather for farmers and ranchers'? I find that site is pretty accurate.

You have a 50% chance of moisture for the next few days and some of that could be in the form of RAIN AND SNOW showers. I think it is Sunday you have a high of 56 and a low of 33.

Get ready!!!
FH-----HOLY MOLEY!!!! :shock: :shock: Just looked at the forecast on ranchers weather and typed in my zip code and did NOT like what i saw.....rain and snow through Monday....think I will keep this little bit of happy news to myself and NOT tell the hubby...his mood has been foul enough without adding salt to the wound :(

OT-----OUCH!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Sure hope you are healing up okay!!! Must be careful and when unable to be careful, apply pressure with a clean bandage and seek "professional" help :wink: :wink:
Jake_ I wish you could have got some of what we got-- Last night stayed hot all night- around 80- few lightning storms along the Missouri started a couple of fires...This morning I started swathing and it was hot- soon started cooling and sprinkling off and on- then I could see a storm coming so quit...About an hour ago it hit- Not much wind, but terrible lightning and dumped buckets- we have 1.5 and its still raining- temp is down to 58--heard Malta had over 3 inches....At least this rain should have helped out on the fires....
Dang it anyway Oldtimer. I looked at the radar, and came over here to paste the site down and you already beat me to it. I see that Malta had a flood warning, and had good rains.

Real windy here today and blue sky. I don't know if I want to hope for rain clouds as they would probably just bring lightning. :mad: Glad you got what you did though. :!:

Oldtimer's radar: http://radar.wrh.noaa.gov/radar/latest/DS.p19r0/si.kggw.shtml
Jake, Ole buddy you're not the lone ranger when it comes to being dry. We're drier than a popcorn fart here. :cry: Wind has blew hard for the last 2 days. It's just totally dried out her. Our oldest son is windrowing our cane. He quit once just to windy. But went back out to try again...
Ot. Hope you have had a tetnus shot if not you need to get one. Hate to have your typing finger froze up stiff... :wink: Let's all take care and have a safe fall....(the season)
Was at the horse sale in town today and in the morning we had a whole lot of smoke. Made everyone nervous. Near as we could find out, it came from a fire up around Jordan. Cleared out after lunch.

It was a little windy, then the wind died down. Other than that, it was uneventful weather-wise. No rain, that 's for sure!
Jake, as bad as you are needing rain, we are needing to get rid of it. Wish we could trade you the rain for some drying winds (not hurricanes, just a breeze!) for a bit, so they can get the crops off up here. We got our greenfeed cut and wrapped in last weeks dry window, so we are in good shape, but there are lots not so lucky. Its snowing here now, so I hope it doesn't go too far down, or there will be some flat crops should it amount to much. I hope this heads your way, and soon!!!

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