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Felt hats

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Big Muddy rancher said:
Who makes the best felt hat?

Has anybody tried a Mackey from Shell Wyoming?

I have a Mackey and really like it--It has held up good...Will buy my next one there, altho they are a little pricey...
My husband has one from Law Dog Hat Company in Billings, and he really likes it. There is a place in Belle Fourche that we have heard makes a really good hat. I will try to find the name.

I always thought "Kicking Ass Hat Company" in MIles City was a funny name for a hat maker. Don't know anything about them, though. Perhaps rancher does. The hats look really good~
Weather Hat Company in Belle Fourche SD. I got one from there this winter and it fits like a glove. Of course, he measured me. We went to town yersterday to put wreaths on the graves and I took 3 old hats in to get cleaned and put his sweatbands in. He said they should fit as good as my new one, when he gets done. Nice folks and they do a great job.

I prefer pure beaver, but get it the way your going to want it for a long time, as they last forever. Out of the 3 I took him yeasterday, 1 is a newer blend from another company that has never fit since it was new and the other 2 are both pure beaver. 1 is at least 10 years old and the other is 6 or 7 years old. Both are in good shape, just don't fit as good as my new one and they need cleaned Good luck.

I wear a hat every day of the year.
"This Old Hat" in Bismarck, ND is the best one I have found. He does an excellent job and does the best follow-up. He travels to a lot of SD, ND, MN, and NE rodeos. His web site is www.thisoldhat.com
I've got a Star of the West hat made outta Rapid City...guy does a great job, make any kind you want and he's pretty reasonably priced...best time to get one is during the Stock Show, he gives a good discount. So far the hat has stood up under a lot and it fits real nice.
I've got 3 Star of the Wests and they sure don't hold a candle to the Weather Hat I've got. When Randy had the store (Star of the West) he made good hats and it's went downhill with each new guy. I tried and tried to get this guy to put a sweatband in to fit my head, but after 3 tries on the same hat, I gave up. I used to really like my Star of the West's, but I've owned enough for now.

I think part of it might be to the fact that the owner now doesn't wear a hat all day long. They guy at Weathers does. He was raised on a ranch up by Isebel. Seems like a feller ought to use what he makes.
I've always thought if you wanted to buy a good horse, it would work out best if you got one from someone who RIDES a good 'un. Same with a hat.

I too, was impressed with the folks at Weather Hat Company in Belle. Thanks for the name, JB~

Those folks have a nice little store there as well. A friend of ours bought a dandy pair of boots from them. Olathe, I do believe they were.
I've only had the Star of the West for about 7 months...I like the way it fits and time will tell then if it does hold up as I figured it would...thanks for the "heads" up on it...might have to check into the other one you mentioned.
Does anybody know where i can get aholt of the 5 inch brimmed felt hats? Down here you need all the shade you can get aholt of,but i like felt hats,and ive seen a few boys down south with em,but i havent been able to find where to buy em.

Try Big Bend Saddlery in Alpine, TX. They should have anything you may need and their products are top quality.
Thanks :) I know i havent been around lately,the only work around has been shredding/baling,so ive turned my attention over to the girls,and ive started to use some of my "skills" i picked up from growing up in a sale barn ;) :lol:
Try Limpa Creek in Fort Davis ,Tx the only place I have found that could match the old 125X (from 1965) resistol I have still saved for my Sunday go to meeting hat.
The Lariat Clothiers of Rapid City. Ever hear of them? My John B. Stetson from there has been going strong for 40 plus years. Couldn't Find Lariat Clothiers anywhere...figure they went outta business. Looking to get another to replace the old one.
I always thought these ole 4 & 5 X Resitol's were good enough for me, and if they aint IM probably in the wrong place........good luck
I've had good luck with Star of the West. I just got my second hat from the new guy there in December and he gave me a discount for being a rancher. I've nver had any troubles and he's always been ready to stand behind his work.
ropesanddogs said:
Does anybody know where i can get aholt of the 5 inch brimmed felt hats? Down here you need all the shade you can get aholt of,but i like felt hats,and ive seen a few boys down south with em,but i havent been able to find where to buy em.
I'm trying to go the other direction. I'm looking for a summer hat that's straw and I want a good section in it to be lattace. Trouble is I want a little short brim to try. I think those little hats out of the 50's and 60's would be dandy to work in. Maybe a 23/4 brim and a small crown. They used to be everywhere for cheap. Now I can't find one. I don't want to steal the thread. If you know of any you can pm me.

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