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Felt hats

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I'll confess to a weakness for hats, although now that I'm overstocked in hats, and am trying to save every dime, I resist buying any.

I have two hats from the Jackson Hole Hat Company. They're really nice, and are quality hats.

But I don't wear them.

Rather, I continue to wear my old Stetson. It's a silverbelly hat that I bought quite a while ago, and was a really quality hat. I've had it so long, that my wife was surprised to learn last year that it was actually a grey colored hat. She assumed it was an off light tan, as the blood, branding smoke, and on one sad occasion rabbit urine, has stained it an odd color. But it keeps on keeping on, so I keep wearing it.

During hunting season I wear a black Stetson of the same vintage, as I don't want that odd whitish brown color mistaken for part of an antelope.

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