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Few Friday Pics

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Last night we got 6 drops at the house- but I got reports the water was running out of the coulees at the north pasture- so went north today to check cows and see... Water standing in every low spot- Gauge showed .6.. Opheim had over an inch..

All the waterholes still have plenty of water...Many years this one is dry by the 1st of July..

Cows were scattered around enjoying the grass..

A few of the calves I've been keeping an eye on- this is the double bred Bannon of Wye UMF 8420 bull calf..

Bannon 730T X Juanada Lad 81T daughter..

Bannon 730T son steer calf...

Some were discussing Ballot of Belladrum on another site ...This is the Octoraro Ballot STO 6 x Logan of Wye UMF 6692 daughter...

Heifer sired by OCC Prestige X mgs Shoshone Felix... I'm finding the OCC bred cattle are mostly deeper thru the front and chest... Last winter they held condition better than any of the heifers too..

Three of the yearling heifers that always seem to hang together- the one on the left is OCC Prestige X Shoshone Felix-- the middle one is OCC Magnitude X Bannon of Wye 8420- and the one on the right is the Ballot STO 6 X Logan of Wye...

While downloading the above cow pictures from my camera I came across a couple of pictures my granddaughter took last month when a neighbor (the Glasgow Stockyards manager) thru a "survivors" party for all the south bench folks that had survived our road to town being flooded under water for 82 days...

Son John supervising the Chef..

The sign on the shop... A fun time was had by all..
That rain was sure spotty last night. Coronach north of Scobey had 1.25 inches and we had .25. Went up to my sons 3 miles up the road and his lane was muddy then I went back east a miles and down a dirt road and the dust was flying. :?

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