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Food for thought. Without B/meal and implants

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usa beef

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Apr 19, 2005
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U. Hardknocks
I have a hard time understanding why the economics of the C. border being closed is so controversial. If the supply of available beef decreases and the demand stays the same, the price will go up. Even with the large amount of C. beef coming across in boxes, the overall supply is less and the U.S. demand has probably inched up because of population, diet, etc.

P.S. I don't dislike Canadians, although those Montrealeans seem a little to the liberal side of the coin. However, I have a small ranch and price of cattle can make or break me. I am CONCERNED about food safety and food safety PERCEPTION by the average American consumer. I even have a concern about food safety as a registered carnivore. I don't want to eat beef that was derived from a 10 year old Canadian dairy cow. I don't want my kids to eat beef from cattle that were fed SRM's from either side of the border.

On the other hand, I would have no problem eating C. beef from cattle that were fed a vegetarian diet, were less than 24 months old, and were not subjected to mechanical meat/bone separation.

I think a lot of the problem is resistance to change. The cattle feeders want to feed the cheapest feed available and can't understand why "Mrs. Joe Sixpack" is offended at the thought of feeding bloodmeal/bonemeal/chicken litter/etc. to her prospective dinner.

The feeders/producers are also reluctant to give up implants. Even if the consumers are horrofied at the thought of eating "steroid induced" cattle.

Implants are like the crazy relative in the cellar. The "industry" does not want to discuss it unless they have to. Then, only to explain it away and discount the media's concerns and the consumer's perception's.

The packing industry wants to keep blasting meat off of carcasses with high pressure water because it is so cheap and effective. Damn the consequences...

At the end of the day it comes down to trust. If the American consumer does not trust the beef that they buy, we are all in trouble, irregardless of the country we are from.
USA BEEF did you know that chicken litter is still fed to cattle in the states. Not in Canada. what's the difference between a 10 year old cow in the US or Canada/
Big Muddy rancher said:
USA BEEF did you know that chicken litter is still fed to cattle in the states. Not in Canada. what's the difference between a 10 year old cow in the US or Canada/

The 10 yr old US cow won't get tested for BSE :wink:
USA BEEF, If your concerned about eating old Canadian beef, why hasn't the USDA and RCALF demanded the immediate slaughter and testing of all Canadian imported cattle remaining in the USA?

As for consumer confidence, they don't seem to mind eating Canadian boxed beef. As a consumer they have every right to ask their butcher where their meat came from - and if they are really worried about Canadian beef, they will arrange to buy American beef directly from somewhere/someone.

I agree that a cow should remain a vegetarian.

I am also confused about why the Canadian government's and cattle organizations haven't asked for a ban on growth implants. We are looking for new markets, yet we are completely ignoring the EU countries which refuse to accept implanted cattle. This could be a new market, why continue to implant when the consumer clearly dislikes the concept?

Reader, has mentioned a cluster of younger animals born after the feed ban (BARBs) in the UK. Perhaps it is high time the UK government looked at Mark Purdey's theory in a serious and in depth manner. The UK soils are notorious for copper deficiencies and pollution. It is time to face the music. Mark has suggested a moritorium on legal liability - this would allow the evidence to come out without fears of governments and corporations going bankrupt visa the pending law suits, that would normally occur.

The British government withheld 30% of their BSE data from the BSE Inquiry, stating reasons of "national security". Once again, the government thinks themselves more important than the people they supposedly represent.

By the way, viva la France, for vetoing the EU constitution!!!!

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