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Looking for an Article

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Feb 10, 2005
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I'm looking for an article highlighting the many different hats that farmers and ranchers wear every day as part of their occupation. Does anyone know of any available? Thanks!
Just one question: Why do you need to know about hats.
Hats all I wanta know.
Web site article, newspaper? If your looking for a web site type article, :p plbbbb! There aren't any! At least none I can find. Well, good luck on finding your article. :hat:
Are you talking metapohorically (sp?) Like their accounting, finance, vet, mechanic's, crop, etc.
Mike said:
Silver said:
No, but today I'm wearing my carpenter's hat. :cry:

And what does a carpenter's hat look like? :? Just curious?


Oh, you know....It's made of wood with a lot of cupboard handles attached to hold all the necessary tools!! :wink:
actually, today my carpenters hat is kinda round, tall, and pointy. Sais 'dunce' on it. Me 'n dry wall have officially agreed to disagree.
Silver said:
actually, today my carpenters hat is kinda round, tall, and pointy. Sais 'dunce' on it. Me 'n dry wall have officially agreed to disagree.

So it's a "dry wall" hat? You had us going round and round all this time over a carpenters hat - and it turns out to be a "DRY WALL HAT"! :???:

Silver, I'm ashamed of you! :wink:
Well despite the banter, which I thoroughly enjoyed, Murgen hit the then nail on the head (for all you who are wearing the carpenter hat) :)

I'll have to dig through the archive of the Tri-State Neighbor to see if Woster had written anything.
Well, Radar, I can't show you a website or article, but if you're interested, I can tell you what hats I wear or have worn.

Not interested? Well too bad, here goes.

I have, besides my seed corn cap, been found under a real hard hat while I was a logger for 10 years (when I was much younger and foolhardy). I have spent a bit of time in a carpenter's hat (although there is not a great demand for a chainsaw-type carpenter :lol: ). I also have the "headgear" of a manufacturer :wink:, as I produce and sell a heavy duty door latch for farm building out of my workshop.

Currently. I also have a school beanie as I am halfway through a program working toward a degree in Counselling (at the ripe old age of 49, no less)! And I almost forgot that I have a bit of a writers cap, as I do a little writing for the occasional newspaper. That may be the most fun cap to wear, as it never ceases to amaze me that someone will actually PAY me for writing down a bunch of words!

What are some of the hats you other folks on here wear?

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