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Old Tractors - Contest

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
1.Hanta Yo


3.Jigger Boss
congrats to all :!: very good pics, i voted for the only apparent runner but the others are a tribute to their generation.

could we get makes and models?
I liked that McCormick deering. My dad had a 15-30 back in the 1930's.

The tractor in my picture set near the road south east of Martin SD for several years. I took that picture several years ago, the date on the back said 3/4/93.

I believe it is a Rumley, a smaller model. It is hitched to a 2 or 3 bottom breaking plow, I don't remember which. I believe some of what looks like levers are shadows.

When I was a young kid a fellow North of Crookston, Ne had two old Rumleys setting in his yard. They were bigger then this one. Every time we drove by, my brother and I would look to see them. During the 1930's he still used one of them to run the theshing machine. Although we lived 8 or 10 miles away from his neighborhood, on a still summer day we could hear the heartbeat, the Pum Pum Pum of that tractor on the thresh machine. Dad would tell us "that's Joe Reed Threshing". I believe these old tractors and his threshing machine went for scrap iron during WWII.

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