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It takes something to jog my memory - - - the King ranch is where I bought them. I was there buying Quarter mares and ended up with two mares and about 50 calves.

I believe the next year we had a drought and with no feed I did not buy amimals for about three years and just never went back.
Coupla thots,

My heifers are big enuff I don't use a longhorn bull, but I can see some places where it would be necessary. Anyone tried a longhorn angus cross bull??????

Also, a couple of hidden costs on heifers vs cows. If you sell a heifer, she is worth tons more than she will bring as a cow. So, the fewer heifers you have to keep, in theory, the higher your gross margins. The second hidden cost is generally the calves outta heifers don't perform as well. Of course, on the extreme, calves from underfed old cows don't perform either.

That's why I like to buy bulls from older cows. Productive.Longevity is money in the bank.


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