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Selling Bulls / buying bulls

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Feb 10, 2005
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NE Oregon

I roped with Bob Harrel at a feedlot roping once. We placed pretty good. You folks also have some pretty good Angus Breeders in your area.

I bought a yearling from a friend last year in a spot. Not registered, but I needed one and the price was ok. All last year I didn't like him and neither did my wife. I attributted some of it to him not being fed like a bull selling operation would. Well, another freind came by and asked why the heck I didn't like this bull. Looked at him again and he kind of blossomed as a two year old and on my feding program.

The wife still has memories of this bulls herding tendecies (I say heck, at least I know he's covering the cows) and him climbing over some Wyatt Feeder panels to get into a stack. I've gotten rid of those short panels and replace with taller ones, no problems now,


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