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Texan and Dutchman

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Jun 7, 2005
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A Texan and a Dutchman were comparing the land they lived on:
When it came down to size, the Dutchman just said, "I've got enough room for my home, a nice garden and a couple of cows."
The Texan smiled and said, "I can drive my truck from one end at sunrise and not be at the other end at sunset."
The dutchman replied, "I had a truck like that once."
The Dutch in me loved that one, Texan! :lol: :lol:
3 texuns was saunna bathin in a fancy Ft Worth health club. (Pardon my grammer, but this is how they talk in Texus) As they was all wearin boots in the saunna, they could easily identify they were Texuns and not some sissy transplant dredged up by the oil economy. As Texuns, they struck up a lively conversation. So they lied about their horses, women, drinkin (since they was in the saunna, there'd be no lieing about the usual subject), and they got about to lieing about their ranches. Billy jim Ray went on and on about his quarter million acres of the toughest scrub in Texus called the fork crossBYY^XT, so Slimbob Bill had to tell about his 500 sections of scrub called the $#34ZT. They went on and agreed that a mixture of goats and Beefmasters were the best way to keep the brush down between iol wells, but they noticed Jimmytom Ray hadn't kept up his end of the lieing. So they began pestering Chig (Jimmytom Ray) about his spread. Chig finally relenqueshed his spread's size was only 40 acres. When the other 2 got done laughin, they said Chig, what do you call this place? Chig said..........Down town Dallas.

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