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The Spearhead and Working Ranch Magazine

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Jan 23, 2007
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SE Iowa
There is a nice article in the June/July 2011 issue of Working Ranch Magazine featuring the Spearhead Ranch. Check it out :D
I was leafing through it yesterday and I came across the picture of the "gizmo" and I thought to myself that looks just like what Steve uses when he brands and then I looked closer and saw who was in the picture. Great article! Even gives a plug for ranchers.net.

I did learn that Soapweed was in the National Gaurd which I never knew before. Thank you for your service.
Peach and I drove to South Carolina to attend our daughter's graduation. We've hit several Tractor Supply Stores on our way back to Nebraska, but haven't found a new issue of The Working Ranch magazine yet. The Kosmo Kid says he looks a lot cooler in his photo than I do in mine, but that isn't a real big surprise. :? :roll: :wink: I'm anxious to see the story and pictures also.
I kept checking to see if it was online, but when we got back to the
ranch, the magazine was here.

Yes, I agree with BMR. Good article!!!
You represented ranchers.net well, too, btw!!!

The picture of you and Peach together was really good,
as were all the pictures. Golly, Kosmo looked 7 ft. tall
on top of that pickup!

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