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Turkey Track Bar where aaaaaarrrrre you??!!

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Hanta Yo

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Feb 11, 2005
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South Central Montana

Miss your postings. Maybe it's because I've been busy lately and haven't spent much time on here or maybe you are very busy. I also miss looking at your awesome Corgi pup. FH's pup is extremely cute, too. FH, are you going to keep the picture updated as to the age of your pup?
Hey there Hanta Yo!

Sorry I haven't posted lately-I've been really busy, so I've come on, looked to see what's going on and haven't posted.

Last week was a humdinger as far as busy goes, with our bull sale, and then helping out with the state 4-H Livestock Judging Contest (despite what some others have said about 4-H I think it's still a great program--important enough that I volunteer time as oftern as I can to help out.) Now we get to start calving-yippee!!! We have just one little calf (Tyke as I call him) who was a little early-but doing well.

As far as pup's go the wonder Corgi Holly is doing great! Growing--kinda like the way I grow--not up but out! And she's getting a ton longer too! She thought she had it rough Wed. last week--she had to stay at the house and couldn't go to the bull sale-she was very disappointed! We were worried that either she'd tank up on human food (which we try not to let her have), trip an elderly person, or go home with someone else (she knows no strangers!) or worse yet get run over-so she had to stay home. Therefore, Wed. night she was a terror!!! I'll have to get another picture taken and update the avatar. Hanta Yo, I was telling the hubby about your Corgi-Corky (right name, correct?) and the goggles-I had the hubby laughing so hard there were tears running down his face. He has a pair of goggles, so we might try them out on Holly.

Do you have a great solution to the little monsters finding mud, and digging and rooting in it (kinda like a hog?) Even as dry as it is, yesterday, Holly managed to find some mud in the tree rows-what a mess she was!! And, she loves to bury stuff so it's even funnier to see her barrelling toward the house not only with muddy feet and belly but her snout covered in mud too!

And, I too have wondered how FH's pup is getting along (tell me her name again FH), and if Aaron has made a decision to get a pup---

On another subject, FH, did the advertising suggestion help your bull sale customer? I've been watching for ad's in the farm/ranch papers that I think might be from your area. It's amazing how great the sales have been--we were very happy with our sale-I think the best top and best average ever! :cboy:

And, cheers to the moisture that is suposed to arrive in the northern plains-from the looks of it on the weather channel most of us from the MT mountains to the N. Wyo/S. MT and Western Dakota plains should get a little moisture. Maybe Rancher's raindance worked! Maybe we should thank the Good Lord and Mother Nature too. :)

Well, take care everyone, and I'll try to get some time to post more often this week--I should have a little more time!

TTFN ("ta ta for now", Pooh)

TTB :)
Hey, there, Turkey Track :)

Loved reading about Holly. The thing about these low riders we live with, their belly hair picks up mud, and when there isn't mud, Corky just jumps into the water tank, gets a drink, then jumps out and runs through the dust, making mud on his belly. We have a deep sink in the basement so he spends quite a bit of time in it. He, too LOVES to "stash" things. He has an affinity to pig ears. He knows where they are, so if he wants one he will sit up on his butt, hind legs in front of him and both front paws pawing the air. Soon as I figure to get a pic posted, you'll see what I mean. He won't leave us alone until we give it to him, then he will bury it somewhere in the house, come back and beg for another. He will do this several times so he has stashes all over the place! The other night, sat down to watch a movie with my beloved and took a blanket to cover my legs and out popped a pig ear! Corky grabbed it and hid it somewhere else. He uses his nose to place his stashes wherever he wants. He is sooooo funny! When Holly gets bigger, I'll bet you will take her everywhere, there are several people I know who have a Corgi and won't go ANYWHERE without their lowrider (my husband included). There are times when it would be almost animal abuse to take the lowrider with you (if you have a meeting, etc,) but if Corky can't go, he pouts. So we let him pout.
We got Corky his "doggles" at PetSmart in Billings. They are designed to stay on a dog, however, Corky gets tired of them and starts rubbing his head on the ground to get them loose. They're expensive, $20.00 but they're worth every penny when your Corgi can stick his head out the side of the 6 wheeler and "catch the breeze" without the bugs getting into his eyes.
Glad your bull sale went well, and happy calving. Our calves are weaned and have quieted down and are now bunk broke, but still eating dust bad. Send some rain our way!!!

Thanks for your post,

Hant Yo :!:
Hanta Yo:

Your stories about Corky make me smile as Holly does the same darn stuff. The "stashing" must be a Corgi thing, huh? We laugh so hard at her because she gets little Science Diet biscuits and loves them, but has to stash them several times before she'll even think of eating them---using the nose of course to get them "just right"! Our most recent laugh of her doing this was Sunday night. She likes to play with empty bottles-soda, Gatorade, water-doesn't matter just as long as it's a bottle--well she was trying to hide her treat under a bottle, moving the bottle with her nose to get it well "buried". She just didn't understand why the bottle kept moving off the treat! We've found treats just about everywhere.

You are right Corgis go everywhere with their humans or else they pitch a fit! Yesterday Holly got to go to another bull sale-our neighbors (and they had a barn burner of a day and we're very happy for them!) That makes three bull sales (including our own, because she got to go early in the morning!) in one week! She's really good at them-does some socalizing with the humans and then gets on the bleachers, watches part of the sale and then usually falls asleep, preferably on her back!

We also laugh because if there is a kid walking by Holly will drag us with her to see them---she loves little kids!!!! I honestly think the highlight of Holly's day is to play with my husband's nephews-and it's the highlight of the nephews day too. If she doesn't get down to their place they'll call and ask if Holly can come play!

We have a deep utility sink in the mud room and Holly is getting well accustomed to getting the feet, belly and chest washed off before coming in. I'm not sure she really likes it, but knows it's a necessary evil.

I hope you aren't having any dust pneumonia problems with your weaned calves. We had both a spring and fall calving herd (had both because we had some producers who wanted those 1 1/2 yr. old bulls to turn out) and if it was dry in the spring it seemed we had dust pneumonia problems with the weaned fall calves. We sold the fall calvers due to drought a couple of years ago, and we (at least my hubby and I) miss them and the additional marketing opportunity they allowed us. Honestly if we didn't have a registered herd, bull sale, etc. we would probably move totally to May calving as it seems to match the natural grass production cycle better. What breed/breeds do you run? I honestly don't think there is one good or bad breed (as I always say there aren't bad breeds just bad individuals both human and animal in breeds!)-folks need to find what works best for them!

Well enough for now. I look forward to more Corky the Corgi pics. And FH and Aaron, don't forget to keep up your part of the "Doggie" forum! I'm excited to hear about your pooches!

Take care and have a wonderful day everyone!



Loved reading about Holly. She is soooo Corgi! Corky does the same with his nose, has to place his "stash" just so.

He doesn't like his "baths" but I noticed one thing about him, stick him in water and he holds his almost non-existent tail straight in the air!! I don't know the point, to me is moot, as his tail doesn't get wet unless we get it that way!

He is also sooo looong that going up or down the stairs he has to take two or three at a time. He's got it down to a science. He also can't change directions mid-stair, he has to go up and turn around or go down and turn around.

When he wants a treat, rather than do the beg thing he will noozle our leg with his nose. He has us trained well! He is noozling me now as he wants a pig ear to stash, now he's doing the beg thing. He just won't give up!

I almost forgot - I'm glad you help out with 4-H. We've been a 4-H family for many years and it is good for the kids. My 12 year old daughter's teacher tells me everytime she can tell the difference between 4-Hers and non 4-Hers. 4-Hers are leaders, and can talk well in front of a group of people. We help out at our fair in July, the weather seems to pick that week to be the hottest of the year. I feel sorry for the pigs :(

We have Gelbvieh/Angus cross mother cows (both black and red, mostly black), we AI breed them to either angus or gelbvieh depending on the percentage of the breed in them. This way we keep them close to 50/50. Mostly a commercial herd, we have some purebred Gelbviehs and keep bulls and repl heifers from them, we have some pretty decent balancers and purebred bulls.

What breed of cattle do you guys raise?

TTFN back to you :D

Hanta Yo
Can't let all these great 'dog' stories prevail too long here. Your Corgi's (my in-laws had a stray that adopted them years ago, so know they are great dogs) sound like tons of fun, and also about like having a toddler around, for care and attention demanded!

Anyway, the penchant for placing things in hidey places reminded me of a little boy copying his dad's work. He was playing cowboy. The bed pillows were placed about the house as big hay bales. Small sofa pillows were cake blocks, if I recall correctly. One day he asked for and was given an ob glove. He proceeded to "preg test" the space between the sofa cushions!

that reminds me of when my inlaws were here and our daughter who was three at the time was in the truck with me and her grandpa. We were on the other end of the ranch going down to the other set of corrals where we used to do all of the AI work. She started explaining to him that this is where daddy puts the babies up the cows butts :lol: :lol:
Oh man, that was funny!!!! Out of the mouths of babes!!

Did anyone see Sitz Angus Sale on RFD-TV today? I just caught part of it and saw some bulls sell reasonable. I noticed in the preview there were some bulls with heavy birthweights, so maybe that was the reason for the $1750 bulls. I didn't study it at all, mostly just passed by the tv once in awhile.

TTB, what kind of cattle do you have? You mentioned your bull sale, but not what breed of cattle. We raise commercial purebred Angus.

I will get an updated photo of the pup we call 'Dixie' in the morning and 'Dusty' in the evening. She has discovered balls and oh, boy, does she like them. She found a racquetball outside and it is something to watch. Her Aunt Zip (our other dog of this breeding) would bring the ball back to you (we never taught her, either, she just did it) and give it to you. If you didn't pick it up, she would pick it up and nudge you with it. She kept this up until you threw the ball again. She is the only dog we ever had that would catch a ball in the air. Never could get any other dog to do that. We could play 'catch' in the house. You threw the ball to her, she caught it and brought it to you. Then nudged you til you threw it again. Pretty soon you would throw her out the door because you were trying to get something else done!!

The print ads for bull sale that I do the advertising for was just a copy of the poster. I used the information from ranchers.net for the radio spots. KBHB cut us a really good ad and I had them send it to the other stations. The lead-in music was from Magnificent 7 (at my request--I wanted something very recognizable). Then we talked about adding muscle and carcass. Also had something in there about replacement females. 30 seconds doesn't give you much time. It must have been an effective ad campaign--the sale was held in Bowman for the first time and the sale average was up about $400-$500. They were especially happy that the red bulls sold real well this year. In fact, the top selling bull was a red one. The breeders were Krecklau Simmentals.

So, thank you, folks on ranchers.net for helping me with this successful project. We did add North Dakota Stockman magazine which was suggested here and Ag Week was added for the same reason. Interesting, Ag Weeks ad was $277 for full color, Farm Ranch Guide ad was $704 for black and white. I thought $704 was way out of line, but that is one place these folks always advertise. Of course, ad rates are based on circulation, but that is still a lot of difference--over $400 dollars. Oh, well, all is well that ends well, I suppose...

Back to Corgis and other doggies. A friend of ours comes up every year to help us AI the cows. He has a Black & White Kelpie who can't STAND NOT working cows. She also found our daughter's basketball and can she move that ball! She taught Corky everything she knows so you ought to see the two of them playing basketball!! It's hilarious!!! We haven't had the heart to tell Corky he isn't tall enough to play basketball. They both have those big ears and long noses and they use their noses to move the basketball around. The Kelpie will play with the basketball until her nose bleeds!! She loves coming up here to play!!
I bet that is something to see!! My husband would drive miles to watch something like that!! He gets more kick out of dogs than anyone I know.

I have taught Dixie/Dusty to sit before she gets her dog treats. She has learned it pretty fast. She can sit down faster than the blink of an eye. You just don't know what move is coming next, and there she is, sitting down pretty as a picture. We have had lots of dogs and loved them all, but there is something special about this one. The last dog I, myself, felt this way about was an Airdale pup that ran across the street in front of me one rainy night in town several years ago. I stopped and picked her up and rang every doorbell on the block to see whose puppy it was. No one claimed her so I took her home and fell in love. We did advertise and the owner showed up a week later. I asked if I could buy her, but no soap. Well, he didn't take care of her, she ran all over town. Got ran over and broke her leg. A year later he called and asked if we wanted her--after he had allowed her to have all those bad habits. It was a long enough time that I actually could say 'no'. I think the dog finally got ran over and it killed her. I had never been around Airdales before that, but I sure liked her.

Keep the Corgi stories coming!!!!!!!
MRJ and sw:

Great stories about the kids---they definitely put smiles on your face and you sometimes wonder where they get the stuff they say---I helped with the state 4-H livestock judging contest last weekend and one of the sheep officials told me that a senior girl came in told him that one of the ewes "had a butt bigger than Jennifer Lopezes" I don't know how he kept a straight face. You usually don't hear that kind of stuff out of senior kids--the juniors are usually the group that keeps you smiling!


Thanks for the update on Dusty/Dixie-I haven't kept up on all the posts but am glad to hear your dad is getting along better---those things are always tough. All of my grandparents have passed away, and thankfully my dad's folks were always pretty healthy until the end-my mom's were a little different story and were about 500 miles away-but nonetheless it is never easy, so hang in there.

We too taught Holly she had to sit before she could have a treat and I think it was one of the smarter things we did. Now when she comes she sits really well and if you want her to sit all you have to say is Holly sit!

You asked about the of cattle we have--I married into "the other red breed" as I always say, but was raised on a registered Herf outfit and my husbands family/we have Red Angus. They are nice cattle but always have to tease everyone about missing the ol' Herfs. We also have a commercial herd too and have a couple of white faces there---it's amazing how long the white face stays with cattle. I don't think my husbands family has had a herf bull in over 30 years, but we still have a couple stalwarts around.

You did a nice job with Krecklau's ads. I saw a couple of them-the one in the ND Stockman and a one in the F&R Guide-there might be a couple of reasons the Farm and Ranch Guide might be more expensive-they might have paid for ring service with their ad-I don't know the exact rate ringman charge but I think it's over $200, and another reason the rate might have been higher is I think our ad not only goes into the F&R Guide but also their entire family of papers in the region. I know there is one out of Sioux Falls area-the Tri State Neighbor (?) and another in NE if I'm not mistaken. So really they might be paying for ads in more than one publication. Have they said how which method they got the "biggest bang for their buck?" We always seem to have good luck with the F&R Guide-Terry Robinson who has the livestock accts. and coordinates the ring service for the paper is a great-by word of mouth I think we get a lot of business because of him.

Another thing that I think really helped our sale this year was we sent out a flyer in early Jan., it was an update of how some of the bulls had been performing-we tried to pick the best individuals out of each sire group to be represented. We found it got customers thinking about what we had to offer--this was helpful because we have a sale that is "late" when compared to a lot of our fellow Red Angus breeders. It also helped market our heifer calves and bred heifers that we had cataloged. We probably got five or six calls a night for the two or three weeks after we sent the fliers out either requesting catalogs or asking about the cattle in the sale. And, relatively speaking it was cheap to put together! I think we'll continue to do that in the coming years.

Well gang, time to get back to work---

I hope you all got a little moisture if you needed it---and don't blow away!

I place and pay for all of Krecklau's advertising so I know they just ran in Farm and Ranch Guide. The price went up 15% over last year. When I asked Terry about the increase, he said the price of cattle went up. I thought that was not a good answer. I bet when cattle prices go down...well, I won't go there.

He was very helpful. F&R Guide is a publication that Krecklau's are adamant about using.

If you run Red Angus, have you ever attended Bruce Ketchum's Silent Auction Sale? He has some really GREAT cattle. The major studs are looking at some of his breeding and Milk Creek Cub is one that is in Genex, I believe. Anyway, thought I would mention it, their sale is Saturday, March 19th. Some of the people here that are using their bulls have put gobs of pounds on their calves. Bruce is very picky about birthweights too. One year he had some good calves that he cut because the birthweights were higher than he thought they should be. He has a lot of integrity and sure puts a lot of effort into breeding good cattle.

Congratulations to you on having a good sale!!!
I place and pay for all of Krecklau's advertising so I know they just ran in Farm and Ranch Guide. The price went up 15% over last year. When I asked Terry about the increase, he said the price of cattle went up. I thought that was not a good answer. I bet when cattle prices go down...well, I won't go there.

I hadn't heard (very suprisingly) that ad rates had gone up that much. My mother in law takes care of the "books" so we just usually hear about stuff when it gets expensive! You're right that is a crappy excuse on Terry's part---I probably would have told him that too!!!! I know he could have come up with better. I am sure it's like all businesses that profit and cost are driving factors in advertising costs. And, Terry is right they have a huge circulation. I saw a study not too long ago that asked ND cattle producers where they got their "information" and there several choices--F&R Guide, AgWeek, organization pubs, extension, etc. and #1 by a huge margin was the F&R Guide. We are fourth on the place to get it so I usually see it the week the "new" one comes out!

If you run Red Angus, have you ever attended Bruce Ketchum's Silent Auction Sale? He has some really GREAT cattle. The major studs are looking at some of his breeding and Milk Creek Cub is one that is in Genex, I believe.

I haven't been to Milk Creeks silent auction and I don't think my husband has either. I am familar with "Cub" and you are correct that Genex carries his semen. We have debated using him---but haven't yet. We like the bull but would like to see how more of his daughters turn out. Ketchum's bulls are at Bowman's correct? Andrea and I were visiting and she was commenting on how uniformly high quality they are. I was hoping we could go out and see them this weekend, but I've had this bad head cold and now the hubby has it too---my Mom always taught me to share! :)

I hope your dad is still getting along better-I keep you and he in my thoughts and prayers. Hang tough and stick to your guns! I hope you got some moisture too. We are really dry but had some fall moisture, which is the only thing saving us.


You wouldn't be disappointed with Ketchums genetics. They run an exlempry (Is that misspelled? and I hope it means outstanding! LOL!!) bunch of cows. They don't sell a lot of bulls, so their sale is rather quiet, but the genetics and performance is definitely there. Bruce and Tena are as fine a folks as you could ever meet. They work hard and are very dedicated. I wonder sometimes how they get it all done, but they don't cut corners. They run a good ship and put a lot of effort into what they do.
Hanta Yo, I wouldn't call you stubborn! Persevering or persistant maybe, but not stubborn. Keep it up!

So let me be persistent. How are all our "ears", (Holly) and Dixie in the AM and Dusty in the PM doing?? We had a 4-H meeting this morning at our house, one of the parents just gained a Min Pin, I told him the very best house dog in the world was a Pembroke Welsh. He found that out when Corky jumped on his lap and stayed there! (Corky is NOT a lap dog, and his behavior amazed me). He (Corky) also went around to make sure he got loves from every 4-Her there. Corgis are such people dogs, when my husband and daughter get together they make a formidable front. In other words, I lose. SO, I heard about Corgis for 2 YEARS before I let my light of my life have a Corgi for his birthday. Wish I had "listened" to them sooner. However, we have 3 other dogs and I told the light of my life when they go away (they, the "other" dogs are getting on in years) he can have more Corgis.
Hi Hanta Yo. BTW, would you tell me what that book is about?

Little Dixie/Dusty (and yah, that is what we are calling her!!) is just fine. She is smart as a whip. She loves to ride in the tractor and can get in and out ALL BY HERSELF already. The big dog that will be 3 years old this fall can't get in as good as she can. Yesterday, my husband was backing the tractor up and she wanted in. I couldn't believe what she did. Put her feet up on the bottom step and walked on her back feet with the movement of the tractor. She is really determined. She has already moved a couple of cows on her own, though we really don't want her to do that yet, as she could get hurt. But she is with you every step of the way.

She does have a Cogri Fuzzy butt!! It is so cute!! She has a cocky way of throwing out her front feet when she comes to you. We are so pleased with the way she minds. Comes, sits, stays back on command. She is just a lot of fun.

Hey! Thanks for asking!
When I find my camera, I will try to post a new picture. She is getting darker. And she has that ridge down her back that stands straight up when something that excites her.
You mean the book "Hanta Yo" by Ruth Beebe Hill? You have to read it at least once to "gget" it. It is a story of the Mahto band in their seasonal migrations at the turn of the eighteenth century. The Mahto band was one of the three Tiyataonwan Dakotah bands, also know as Sioux, a french term meaning little snake or enemy, which was used as a name for the Dakotah. Gotta read it, it really will change your way of thinking. I'm reading it again now.

Little Dixie/Dusty sounds so cute, and she reminds me of Corky when he wants in the tractor (can't be without his lord/master, my spouse). He actually can crawl up those steps to the cab. Amazing doggie. Sounds like Dixie/Dusty is just as amazing. It seems when we really "bond" with an animal, we sure can relate to them!! No worries about that camera, you will figure it out. I love our digital, I get INSTANT GRATIFICATION!!!!

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