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Way to go South Dakota

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Feb 11, 2005
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Label beef as grown in south dakota and let the consumer make up his mind.
Hats off to south dakota.
I can see it now. Everybody rushing to the counter to get that "good ole" American beef and then walking away with out a steak in their hands because all that's left is an out of town steak! How much was imported into the US last year?
PORKER said:
Being tried in other states.

PORKER - What other State Governments have tried this? I ask, because if they have failed, I'd like to look into their factual causes of failure. Thanks.

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"We're going beyond country-of-origin labeling here. We're going right down to the producer who raised that calf," Rounds said Tuesday."

Congratulations South Dakota! At least you are talking of a program with some merit which is much more than COOL. Accountability each step of the way.

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