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What about a separate Agman heading within BullSession?

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I wish there was a marked Agman forum so that one could read the Agman's posts without so much other chaff. Not that I'd be the least inclined to read the ol' grouch's posts, but I pay alot of money for lesser insight than Agman's posts.

On first glance, excellent idea, but brings up another question. Should Agman be compensated???? A lot of what he replies to really can be in response to coffe shop talk vs. trading advice, but I guess I'd have to say at some point, what is in it for him.

I bring this up as a guy who feels fortunate to have contact with several pretty sharp market analysts including he and Doug Berger. Perhaps he gains a lot of new business doing this or perhaps this gives him a level of satisfaction which is why he is as good as he is at what he gets paid for
PPRM, you're value of Agmeister's posts suggests you are pretty savy yourself. Hell yes Agman should be compensated. An astute cow rag should try to get a column deal with him, but you know how timely cow rags are. He has mentioned a sincere interest in producer's prosperity, and the insight he gives out gratis leaves no one to blame but ourselves. I doubt AM has much personal gain interest on this board because most small producers aren't the target of analysts. All this said, my home family ranch is fracturing and so are some old loyalties - my call is that AM has been tighter than what we've been paying for.

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