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What the UTC coach said about Nebraska

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Feb 10, 2005
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"I took my headset off one time because I knew it would be loud. And it was loud," Huesman said. "I put it right back on because I realized it wasn't good that they were cheering. It was a great atmosphere. What a great place to play a college football game. The Nebraska football team is class all the way. The fans were class all the way. This was one of the best that I have ever been in. I've played against a bunch of BCS schools and this is probably the best environment, people, just the whole game. This was the best. I like these people. These people are good people."
I doubt the Mocs have had a paycheck like this either. I would be humble too.

$475,000.00 for being a patsy?

In all fairness though, he said the Mocs played "Toe To Toe" with Nebraska and all but shut down the "power play". His example was the 1st and goal from the 6 yard line which allowed the Huskers only a field goal.

Plus, he said that Martinez getting loose a few times on 3rd down was the difference in the game. "And that's what good players do."

Hope Martinez doesn't get hurt this year

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