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Who's your favorite cowboy artist?

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Mar 20, 2005
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Who's your favorite cowboy artist? It may be a "cowboy" (he or she) who paints a variety of subjects, or it may be someone who is not a cowboy but primarily paints cowboys, the cowboy life, American Indians and the West. If living, does this artist have a web site? Thanks! By the way, my favorite is Charlie Russell. I'm so glad Charlie showed us how it was in those days. Wild and wooly!
Charlie Russell was the best artist, but Will James was my hero. It kinda blew my mind when I found out the first part of his "autobiography" in the book LONE COWBOY was a made up story. I still admired the guy enough to name my first-born son after him.
You can't forget Frederick Remington but I have to agree, Charlie was and is the standard that the rest are measured against, Will James' sketches are great, what would he do with a paint brush?
Frederick Remington was sure one of the early day cowboy artists, but in my book he couldn't twirl the spur rowels of either Charlie Russell or Will James. He may have gotten famous due to "supply and demand". There wasn't an awful lot of "supply" to choose from in those days, so "demand" made him famous. There. That oughtta get a fight started. :) :wink:
Yep, i too am a fan of Charlie russell and will james, but i have become a HUGE fan of Larry Zabel, Tim Cox and Gary Carter!!! we have a few Zabel prints in our place and would love to have some of Tim's work, too!! :D
My son and I got to work with Gary Carter at the artist rider last year. Nice feller and a great artist.

Bill Owens is one i couldn't think of the other day. I can spot a Owens print from a long ways off.

Remington sure got the "little desert rats" right. Charlie painted pretty horses. But Charlie was truthful. If he painted it, it happened.

There are just too many good ones out there to pick one.

There is a sculpter out of Sheridan Wyo. who has some wonderful and interesting stuff too. Can't think of his name, but he uses glass or plastic for the water in his bronzes.

John Lopez, Mick Harrison, and a lot of locals. William Matthews.

Wall Drug has lots of good paintings if anyone is interested.

Will James maybe couldn't or didn't paint that well, but i still think he got the horse done the best.
Yeap!!! If I got to have only one painting in my house it would be a Charlie Russel. Not only for the accuracey of the subjects but also the scenery and back grounds. In most of his paintings where there is a wreck, if you look real close, I,m the guy on the sorrel horse. :wink:
Of coarse old timey Charlie and now alot of the CAA guy like Beeler and Carter. But to tell you guys the truth I sleep with my favorite artist every night. :wink: :cowboy:
Good choices, Katrina. A few more of today's tremendous cattle country artists are Joan Buckles and Charlene Hare from Gordon, Galen Wallum from Wall, South Dakota, and Muriel Klingbeil who now lives at Sayre, Oklahoma. All these folks have lived the ranching way of life, and know their western subjects down to the most minute detail. Rick Yusten is also a local Gordon artist who does wonderful charcoal drawings.
Two names came immediately to mind. I was at The Cowboy Hall of Fame and another museum in Oklahoma City. In the Charlie Russel Museum, there was a rifle with quite a nice etching on it, but what really impressed was when I read the story behind it. He was at a camp and engraved this steel with a pocket knife by the camp-fire light. Now that's talent, making something beautiful outta minimal tools.

Second was really jogged by a print I finally saw by Tim Cox. It shows a couple out for a ride that day taking a break, his head on the lap of the ladt, dogs in background. It's entitled "As Good As It Gets." Reminds me of how good the alone times are with my wife. Story behind it is he created it as a wedding gift to his Son and Daughter-In-Law. What a treasure. I think there were only 956 of these and this is the only one I've seen for sale. Dealer had a $550 price tag on it. He said he was never able to get any before, but anoither dealer went out of business and they had to return these. The guy had sold the other 3. Maybe i shoulda bought it, but telling my wife how I want this print because f how much our alone times mean to me convey as much, I can also buy a lot of Roses with the $550,
M Gravlee said:
Just a reminder that http://www.cattlecorner.com/postcard/ has Tim Cox postcards that you can add a short message to and send to friends. And http://cattletoday.com/greetings.shtml has Charles Russell greeting cards... so take your pick!

And like just about everything else around here they are free. :D

when i was travel nursing and missing my family and the ranch, i often used the "postcards" to let my family know they were in my thoughts!!!
Mick Harrison, Charley Russel, and Will James are tops on my list. Another local flavor is Jack Riech from Isabel S Dak. Jack paints with his mouth and is a real good aritist that does wildlife and ranching pictures.
Are any of you familiar with Tucker Smith's work? He is a Montana artist that is very, very good. I think he has started painting trains now though.

We also have a fun painting done by Fred Fellows. It shows two cowboys, an old car with no top, a saddle in the back of the car, pulling a wooden horse trailer also with no top, hauling an old black horse, mane flying in the breeze. One cowboy has his hand on his hat, holding it on. Kerchiefs are also flying in the breeze. The name of it is "LIFE IN THE FAST LANE." It's a real hoot.

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