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Wow! Patent application Proves Mark Purdey is right!

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Feb 11, 2005
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I'll just say that this is very interesting. You can read the patent application for yourself.


Comments wanted, after you read this. Thanks.
Way to go Auburn University!!!!!!
As you will notice this is introduced by a state and school on the cutting edge.
War Eagle!
Alabama said:
Way to go Auburn University!!!!!!
As you will notice this is introduced by a state and school on the cutting edge.
War Eagle!

I sent this link to a friend of mine who is a scientist, and asked him to explain this in layman's terms;


This is pretty neat. Briefly, these three Auburn profs (Russians from their names) have patented certain techniques for manipulating misfolded proteins (proteons). (1) A technique for amplifying the numbers of misfolded proteins in a given blood sample, (2) a technique for determining the number of proteons present by the cycles of amplification needed to reach a concentration plateau, (3) techniques to visualize under various microscopes, clusters of proteons that clump around a metal atom (proteon nucleated clusters or PNCs), and (4) a technique to measure the cellular death (apoptosis) induced by the presence of the PNCs.

Clearly this is a description of a method to isolate prions from blood samples, amplify their numbers to provide method sensitivity as well as a count of the original numbers of prions in the first sample, a visualization by microscopy of the prions surrounding a metal atom, and a method to measure the effect of PNCs on other cell cultures in an automated 98 well plate reader.

Sounds like a BSE blood test to me. They summarize the antibody-metal complexes required to select a particular misfolded protein as "known to those practiced in the art".

One issue:

If prions (proteons) can be found in blood in infected animals, it means that removing SRM's (nerve tissue, tonsils, etc.) is not enough to protect the public should a positive animal slip through the cracks. Japan may have a point in testing all harvested cattle until this blood test is perfected.

Technology is moving fast. Hope the guvment can keep up.
Researchers working on device to detect BSE in live cattle

Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 07:15 JST
SAPPORO — A team of scientists at Hokkaido University is developing an automated device to detect mad cow disease using blood samples from live cattle. The team, led by Mamoru Tamura, a professor at the Research Institute for Electronic Science at the university, hopes to develop the device by this summer.

Detecting mad cow disease in young cattle has been thought to be difficult because the type of protein found in the brain of infected cows, prion, accumulates as the animals age.

The scientists said the new device will pave the way for establishing a faster and more accurate testing method for mad cow disease, formally known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

Under the current system, Japan tests all cows for BSE by taking brain tissue samples when animals are slaughtered.

A method called ELISA, or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, is used for the initial test before government agencies verify the results during the second-phase test.

The ELISA involves adding enzymes to brain tissue samples but requires some manual work and takes four to five hours to get the results. In addition, it sometimes mixes up negative cases with suspected ones.

The new testing method being developed by the Hokkaido team is done by adding prion antibodies and fluorescent dye to blood samples. The team then irradiates the samples with laser to measure how fast the dyed antibody molecules move.

The fully automated testing quantifies the speed of the molecules' movements and displays it on a monitor. The team says prion, when combined with antibodies, is likely to grow into larger molecules and moves slower than the lighter, normal molecules.

The test takes no longer than 90 minutes to get the results and is about 10 times more sensitive than the ELISA method, the team says.

The team plans to make the device small so that cattle breeders can easily use it on the farm.

"Detecting mad cow disease in cows younger than 20 months old was thought to be difficult. But with the new device, we can detect BSE regardless of cows' age," Tamura said.

"It would be a groundbreaking achievement if the device can help prevent the spread of BSE by detecting the disease in live animals," said Yoshio Yamakawa of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo. "But the team may need to work on enhancing the sensitivity of the test because an amount of prion in the blood is very small." (
German Veterinary Institute Calls For More Efficient Methods To Eliminate BSE
(vom 20.11.2003)

Living Test Identifies At-Risk Cattle

(pug) In view of the recent detection of new variants of BSE in very young cattle in France and Japan, which are not detected by the current testing regimens, the chairman of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine University of Göttingen, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bertram Brenig calls for more efficient methods to identify at-risk cattle. In latest issue of the "New Food Magazine" Prof. Brenig introduces a blood test for living cattle, developed at his institute, which is capable of identifying animals at risk at a younger age. "A simple blood sample is sufficient to detect nucleic acids in so called 'microvesicles,' which are significantly associated with the risk of developing BSE," Prof. Brenig explains the procedure, which is covered by US patents.

The official screening limit of 30 months for the EU and 24 months for Germany, the age after which slaughtered cattle are currently tested for BSE characteristic prion deposits in the brain, does not ensure the security of consumers in view of the new information that recently came to light in France and Japan, according to Prof. Brenig. These cases developed BSE at an earlier age. The currently approved less sensitive test procedures are capable of diagnosing the disease only after a high accumulation of prion protein in the brain tissue. Although Prof. Brenig agrees that the current policy of culling all cattle of an affected cohort is efficient, he thinks this is not a successful future strategy. In the European Union, a policy has been created to cull (i.e., remove from the human food chain) cohorts of cows in which a BSE case occurred. Cohorts are defined as all animals born and/or raised in the same herd as a confirmed BSE or prion positive case within 12 months before and after the date of birth of the BSE index case.

Prof. Bertram Brenig said, "According to our recent findings, I believe we now have the technology to aggressively and quickly lower the population risk of BSE – if we apply this concept strictly and consistently. We will know that this plan is working within one to two years if the number of prion positive cases at slaughter houses is drastically reduced." Hereby the scientist proposes utilizing a concept already established to eliminate scrapie in sheep, which belongs to the same disease group. The test detects abnormal nucleic acid patterns in serum of BSE cohort animals. Prof. Brenig anticipates starting the program in the first quarter of next year through his licensed facility at the Institute of Veterinary Medicine in Göttingen that currently performs prion tests on slaughtered cattle.

BSE was recognized as an urgent public health concern in 1996 when young Britons were diagnosed with what appeared to be a new form of a familial illness of older age, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). British scientists linked the development of this "variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease" (vCJD) to exposure to and/or consumption of BSE cattle. BSE is a progressive, invariably fatal neurodegenerative disease in cattle. BSE is one type of "transmissible spongiform encephalopathy" (TSE) disease. Scrapie, which has been observed in British sheep for more than 250 years, is another TSE disease with similar signs and symptoms. Current programs in the European Union and the U.S. are designed to eliminate scrapie by using genetic tests to identify sheep at risk for scrapie, and preventing those from breeding, thus achieving herds with minimal risk for this disease. Like these scrapie programs, a genetic assessment of the risk for BSE in cattle is now possible using the living test.

Contact Information:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Bertram Brenig
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Fakultät für Agrarwissenschaften
Tierärztliches Institut
Groner Landstraße 2, 37073 Göttingen
Telefon (0551) 39-3383, Fax (0551) 39-3392
e-mail: [email protected]
This is not a test for BSE, it is a test for malformed proteins that are attached to metal atoms which according to the authors:

"[0095] ...unless the metal-organic matrix interface has an interfacial energy (.gamma..sub.SM) that is such that .gamma..sub.SM<<.gamma..sub.SV, there would remain a significant thermodynamic driving force for coarsening."

I read this to mean that the metal atoms which the proteins are attached to, must give off electrons (radioactive, possibly or ferromagnetic). The aggregation which is referred to as a "polycrystalline aggregate" is required to transmit the disease. Without it, no disease.

The presence of malformed proteins in the blood does not signify the disease. The presence of the energized?? metal is the precursor to the diseased state. Dr. David Brown's paper, "Metal Imbalance and compromised antioxidant function are early changes in prion disease", clearly shows that manganese levels in the brain, blood and liver steadily rise after the injection of Rocky Mountain Laboratory scrapie prions. This patent may not mention manganese directly, but it does not rule out any metals.

The report also states "it appears the matrix did not provide a path for the rapid transfer of metal atoms, since many of the nanoparticles of served in the present work remained extremely fine."

By George, if you take the aggregates and homogenate them in a lab, and do all the other stuff to it, like apply energy (sonication), and then inject it into a little mouse brain [etc]. you will transmit all kinds of energized/reactive metal atoms. Don't miss the key ingredient here, the metals.

Don't forget Chernobyl rained down on Europe in April of 1986. Don't forget some of the first tests for BSE were developed by the French Atomic Energy Commission. Don't forget there are all kinds of natural and man-made radioactive materials in our environment.

Above all, don't forget that these metals can be chelated from our bodies using the right chemical molecules.

I am just starting to review this patent as well, but if it holds true and is applicable, we will have to acknowledge the role of metals in these diseases. Nutritional imbalances, copper deficiency, the copper chelating properties of organophosphates !

Why did Britian, in particular, have such large numbers of animals striken with BSE?? Was it because they used Phosmet (as a warblecide) at 30 times the level used in the Americas??
Keep up the good work. The more we can share info., the sooner we will have a better grib/control of the situation.
The official screening limit of 30 months for the EU and 24 months for Germany, the age after which slaughtered cattle are currently tested for BSE characteristic prion deposits in the brain, does not ensure the security of consumers in view of the new information that recently came to light in France and Japan, according to Prof. Brenig. These cases developed BSE at an earlier age. The currently approved less sensitive test procedures are capable of diagnosing the disease only after a high accumulation of prion protein in the brain tissue.
Looking at the patent application last night, I wonder...

They examined healthy people, animals... the proteons, as they call them, had metallic nanocluster (PNCs) made with Cu (copper), Zn (zinc), and Fe (iron).

Mark Purdey has spoken for years about the ferrimagnetic principle of the malformed protein. The Fe, or iron, PNC, may be linked to disease.

I would be extremely interested in having this test/experiment done on the Rocky Mountain Scrapie prions, manufactured in Colorado.

In fact, if this patent idea works, (It is based on the hypothetical theory of Mark Purdey which clearly states that) the "prion" is a crystal which grows under the right conditions in the body. Before we jump to conclusions, the "proteons" found by this patent must be tested on mice. Of course, they will have to cause the disease to occur. I very much doubt that the Copper PNC, proteon, will initiate disease.

Check out Mark's papers "The Environmental Origins of TSEs: the ferrimagnetic prion theory", March 17, 2003,

and "Does infrasonic acoustic shock wave resonance of the manganese 3+ loaded/copper depleted prion protein initiate the pathogenesis of TSE? March 28, 2003"

and "Radioactive metals, Sonic shockbursts and ferrimagneto-prion theory on the origins of TSEs". July 2003. (Google search should get them for you).

As this patent was applied for on September 30, 2003 AFTER Mark published his papers on ferrimagnetic metals and prions, I don't think this will be the last we hear about Dr. J. Vitaly and Mr. Purdey.
If Porker is right that Japan will have it first, I wonder why they are stalling on Beef importations? Looks like R-calf has held up the process long enough that everybody might just have to test before it is killed!
I really would hate to see this thread fall off the first page. After all, it is cutting edge stuff. (and it truely fits with the hypotheses of Mark Purdey, which all our governments have been denying and ignoring).

The University of Alabama professor who applied for this patent is also the inventor of a new microscope/camera. Of course, reader the second thinks this patent application is stupid and silly. You folks from Alabama going to take that quietly?

I am apparantly, not the only one up late, late at night checking out the message board. Glad to see I'm not the only one losing sleep over this fiasco.

If you don't get it, that is the science involved with the patent, send it to a doctor or scientist, or university professor/student, anyone that will help you to understand it, and get an opinion.

The German test mentioned in this tread is interesting too. I see the put the samples were centrifuged for 30 minutes at 20,000 g, leaving supernatant and ?pellets?

Heavy metals, radio-active metals, and ferrimagnetic metals. We are on the crest of the mountain folks, lets roll.
:eek: Wow is the word Kathy. We knew the potential was there in the free and progressive world we live in, just though it would take a lifetime or two!
Subject: Auburn Uni Research data triumphs my own metalmicrocrystal TSE origin theory.
Mark Purdy
Dear All,

I am circulating this email to my entire address book, since I am both jubilant and annoyed by the fact that the notice of patent application from researchers at Auburn university ( enclosed at the end of this email) demonstrates that my years of trudging around the global outbacks collecting analytical data from the cluster foci where the BSE group of diseases have emerged, has been experimentally validated - to the finest degree !!

Geochemical analyses of the soils and foodchains that supported these TSE affected populations has produced some very convincing data. This has enabled me to generate a hypothesis which proposed that exposure to certain types of metal microcrystal - largely resulting from sources of pollution by military munitions - underpins the primary cause of these diseases. I proposed that these microcrystals acted as nucleating agents in biological tissues, whereby they entered the brain via the nasal olfactory or gastro tract, and bonded up with various proteins ( the ferritin and prion protein ), seeding the growth of substantial metal protein crystals (eg; the fibril structures seen in the TSE diseased brain ) which disrupted electro transmission and the turnover of growth factors in the brain. My work has been published in the academic literature over the years, and can be found on the pubmed and medline databases.

It seems that the Auburn research has concluded the core of my hypothesis. Furthermore, I have also recently reviewed a paper for publication in a biochemical journal which described research that had introduced my aberrant mineral formula into a prion protein cell culture model. When these researchers had subjected the treated cells to the 'Prionics BSE test', the test had recorded a BSE positive result !! The untreated control cells recorded a BSE negative result.

Whilst this experimental validation of my environmental data and hypothesis is good news indeed, I feel annoyed that the British government has got away with the outright rejection of my research observations and political discrediting of my personal integrity over many years. In fact, their sustained campaign to invalidate and obfuscate the true relevance of my work has been so effective, that all of my lecture work and research funding has dried up - leaving me unemployed and living on state benefit today ( apart from bringing in abit of supplementary income from 'hand pulling' turnips two days a week ). This is a very ironic state of affairs in light of the recent laboratory revelations.

Had the global health authorities taken serious note of my observations when they were first published in the scientific literature, then we would have got to the root cause of this grotesque disease several years ago - thereby preventing much human and animal suffering, as well as economic upheaval across the world. It is a disgraceful state of affairs, that the mere arrogance and ignorance of a handful of powerful unilateral official advisors can be allowed to thwart the healthy evolution in our understanding of the causes of important modern diseases , such as TSEs. Governments need to be sourcing their advice from a more lateral base of independent expertise in future.

Best wishes,
Thanks Porker,

I did receive my own email from Mark. This patent application is, as he stated, both wonderful news and heartbreaking at the same time.

How would you feel, if after 22 years of putting your blood, sweat and tears into trying to unravel the truth about BSE (and other TSEs), the patents coming to the forefront of science are utilizing your own hypotheses.

These same hypotheses have been ridiculed and discredited by governments around the world; but, mainly by his very own (UK government MAFF, DEFRA, VIDO, SEAC). Just as recently as March 10/05, Alberta's own Agriculture Minister - Doug Horner - wrote back to me and stated, "There is no scientific backing supporting any of these environmental theories, including the beliefs held by Mr. Mark Purdey."

This statement by the Ag. minister is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard from him, and it has shattered any hope that I might have had in seeing this man do real good for the cattle industry in Alberta. The CFIA states, "BSE is not a significant animal disease problem in Canada, and we will continue to monitor the research being done on TSEs in the United Kingdom, where it is more prevalant".

What the hell do we have these people for, is beyond me! I thought our governments and our organizations were suppose to do as the people they represent tell them. Instead, they ignore our letters, or slough us off with no respect for all the hard work that has gone into researching this disease.

Soil, water, vegetation and tissue samples have been measured and documented - is this not science. Others in the TSE field, have done research supporting the intrusive role of organophosphates and the destructive powers of the wrong metals getting into places they shouldn't be.

Mark Purdey deserves a prize, (Nobel Prize, in my opinion)!! He certainly deserves our respect and heart felt thanks for persisting with his work under all the adversity he has had to endure. He is the father of six children and he must struggle through life because governments and pharmaceutical companies don't want to admit their part in the BSE fiasco in the UK. And because, ranchers want to follow rather than lead.

If anyone would like to support Mark, I am sure he could use whatever donation or kind words you can spare. His home address is:

High Barn Farm
Elworthy, Taunton,
Somerset, UK TA4 3PX

If you wish to contact him, go to his web page: www.markpurdey.com
THANKS as this is part of the problem and the Animals DNA/RNA makeup and the % of nuteral animals in a HERD .Some day SOON I will have a BSE free TESTED HERD.
This may be an effective marketing tool. However, how often will you retest? Every year, every two years, every six months???

If you inject your cattle with anything, there could be a metal contaminant, just like the mercury in MMR vaccines, etc. If you live near a factory that emits chemicals or metals out of their smoke stack, effluent, etc.; if you live near a coal-fired power station, you are being hit with mercury from its smoke stack. How much?? What is the mercury levels in the coal in your area (generic questions)??

Do you live near a nuclear power station, has there ever been a little leak? I could go on, but I think I have made my point. Just because the herd tests BSE free today, does not mean it will be free down the road. Expensive testing will be continuous, not one time only.

I imagine we will have tests soon, but we need to find out exactly what they are finding and saying is making them positive, before we jump for joy and move on.
Cynicism must be foreign to you Kathy, but it is not to me. When you speak of government, it seems like you still think that it is there for the good of the people. I fear that I have lost that ideal a long time ago.

The government will only do what it is forced into doing. The greatest pressure usually come from the quarter with the most financial clout, and those who scream "victim" the loudest. Therefore, if Mark Purdey is right, but his theories and findings fly in the face of wealthy business interests, he is fighting an uphill battle against artillery while armed with a spud gun.

God help him.
I imagine we will have tests soon, but we need to find out exactly what they are finding and saying is making them positive, before we jump for joy and move on.
Iam going to use the German LIVE BSE tests and find the MARKER CoHORTS .Then only test the new animals that I bring into my HERD.
The german test centrifuges the blood sample at 20,000 g for ??15-30 minutes. Then they claim to be finding nucleic acid particles. I must say that is probably possible, but I'll bet they are finding heavy metals also.

It is good to hear that the science might work to help us, instead of frustrate us.

As for my faith in government, it is based on a faith in mankind, not the politician. Funny thing, is I am usually quite synical and sarcastic but when it comes to such bloody serious matters, my humor comes and goes.

Hope everyone is having a fine Easter holiday. The weather here today was/is fantastic, perfect for calving (which we will start any time now).

Nothing like sitting outside on the swing and enjoying a cup of java and watching all the birds that have returned to Canada for the summer.

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