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    Idland cattle co

    Looking at going to the Idland sale this year and was wondering if any of you Montana guys knew anything about there cattle? Maternal cattle or more just growth?
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    pre weaning calves of 2013

    Looks like it was heavy harrowed
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    Weekend Pictures

    Nice cattle, really like the 549 heifer, what's there sires. Btw I sent you a pm with some questions.
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    rotational grazing and stocking rates

    Hey guys, right now on 1160 acres of pasture were running around 8 acres per a pair from may 1st to november 1st, and it is split up into 3 320 acres and 1 200 acre pasture, was wondering if a guy broke them down to 80 to 100 acre pastures and rotated them once a week, if he could get a higher...
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    hereford bloodlines

    I'm not sure if this should of went with the other thread or not, but I was wondering what the difference between the line 1 hereford genetics and others, and was wanting some info from someone that has used the others lines beside line 1s and also info from people who have used line 1s
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    herefords bulls

    I would say right around 1300 pounds, right now most the cows are in the 1400s with some well over that but also some under, and the ones under seem to hold there weight better than the larger ones
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    herefords bulls

    I would like to get alittle bit easier fleshing cows, we have been straight angus for a long time, so the calves haven't been weighing up as good as it used to either, would like to get some more heterosis into the herd, would also like to try get a little bit more moderate cows, as the straight...
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    herefords bulls

    Justin, have you ever seen those bulls in person, in the videos, they look quite big, but just wondering if there a little smaller in person?
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    herefords bulls

    Just curious to know, what you guys think some of the better hereford bull breeders are in ND, SD, and MT, looking for bulls with some good growth, but want to keep them fairly moderate sized, and with good maternal bloodlines to get some good heifers out of as well as good steers, would be...
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    How many cows does it take

    Here's a little background info, right now we have enough native pasture for 140 cows, and hay ground enough for them. We also farm about 800 acres, and was wanting to seed most of it to alfalfa and hay oat and hay barley on the rest, and we are buying some marginal farm land (quite a few...
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    How many cows does it take

    I was wondering, how many cows would it take to make a living. Would probably calve in early february to the beginning of april. Would sell calves most likely november to december but possibly hold over till spring. Figured it would take 300-350 but not sure, would all be black angus cows.
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    haying and crop pictures 7/4/12

    In that 20 acres we usually get about 60 so not down to bad, but in the picture of the pickup we have gotton 100 off of 20 acres, but we will probably only get 50-60 this year.
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    Cattle pictures 7/4/12

    3 year old 2 year old Bull calf we are thinking about keeping, born march 12th, what do you guys think about him A couple of the yearling heifers Some of the cows Calves all are march and april born
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    haying and crop pictures 7/4/12

    We got 53 bales of this 20 acres of alfalfa and grass. Durum crops are looking pretty good. Flax picture. Barley Some hay getting close to cut, not as good as normal, but we will take it
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    Bull pictures

    2 year old bought as a yearling out of SAV Net Worth 4200 3 year old bought as a yearling out of Ha Program New 2 year old out of Hoover dam New yearling out of Sav Clark New 2 year old is with the heifers, and the rest are with the cows, but are all low birth enough to work on heifers.