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    What 1.35 inches of rain in 5 hours looks like

    And H is always complaining about tough it is living in the desert and how dry it is.😊
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    Ignoring comments from this poster

    Why does that message show up on some threads? Some I can click on and view and others I can't. I am not intentionally ignoring anybody. Did I click on something I shouldn't have?
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    Braggin' a bit

    Good deal! Many years ago my Dad picked up a couple Limo steers in Assiniboia Sask and my brother in law hauled them to Talkeetna Alaska for his son and daughter. They went to state with them. Did very well. I would have to go to Dad's to look at pictures to see what ribbons they got.
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    Sale price on calves

    Wonder how the 5 wt calves will fare?
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    Hey Mountain Cowgirl

    KING of the INTERNET COWBOYS by Yvonne Hollenbeck He’s king of the internet cowboys; he rides for the old FB brand. He knows everything that a cowman should know, and a self-proclaimed “heck-of-a-hand.” His crown is a fairly new black Stetson hat; his throne is a soft, easy chair There’s a...
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    Red Neck fence repair

    Hey I got lots of pallets.
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    Idaho Trip- Reception #2

    Ya H You better go visit Nicky and after that it's just a Hop, Skip and a Jump to Gcreek's
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    Idaho Trip- Reception #2

    I have visions of Mr Smith goes to Washington , you and all that water.
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    Little H ties the knot

    Good deal H. Are they moving to Idaho?
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    about as close as I have been would be Roy or over the top and down to Great Falls
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Deff, where abouts in central Montana are you? I'm just off the north east corner above Plentywood.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Yes we got almost a inch last night, cooled down as well. Maybe the bulls will keep breeding and the cows keep cycling
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    How many times have all of us been out thinking this might not be a good idea. Fewer people are running these places we work alone so much more
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    Evaluating Ag Research

    I will have to watch the dormant season Grazing one, We did a project late fall grazing hfrs with Canola meal supplement.
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    Wonderful question

    I think it's a 19 or 20, It gets darn hot, I don't have AC but I do have a heater that I enjoy on the cold days.