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    Mixing bulls

    Denny, Ya, we built one. Problem is, most of the time the one getting rode is dumber than the rest and keeps going back for more. No one ever said, cattle are smart :)
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    Mixing bulls

    If their is a good way to do it, let me know. We summer around 150 bulls on grass that we will make 2 year olds out of that sell in our sale, and then we also winter another 150 bulls we sell as yearlings. Nothing worse than a group of bulls. I always say, every rancher should have to summer...
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    "Creating/Inflating EPD's"

    Weaning early will affect adjusted 205 day weight, but it won't affect EPD's. EPD's are built a parental averages first and then it takes the ratios of each category into affect. Example. If the adjusted 205 is 700 lbs and average 205 day weight is 650 lbs. The 700 lbs calf will ratio...
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    Ranch of the week

    We were real honored and excited to be chosen for this. Thanks for posting!
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    mice in S central montana

    Its not just MT. They are everywhere over here as well. We also have more hawks than ever before as well.
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    Dry Stalk Sudan

    I just checked the stuff I cut on Monday afternoon and it is dry. We have been real hot this week, but to me this seems pretty fast. Only problem is our baler is 15 miles from home working on another field.
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    Dry Stalk Sudan

    We are cutting our Sweet 6 BMR 6 Dry Stalk Sorghum Sudan Grass. It was quite dry from planting date until now, maybe 2 to 2.5 inches total, but the ground was wet when we planted it. It grew quite well. Here is a video of it from yesterday. Not all looked this good, but that entire field was...
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    Dump Trump

    Maybe I am wrong, but what better way to get the real conservatives of the country excited than to slam the old party leaders who are actually liberals. I am sure if/when the time comes to smack old Hillary around, he will be more than happy to do it.
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    Mineral Program

    We tested waters and grasses in our pastures and now have a custom ration. It REALLY fixed a few issues we were having before.
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    Got Rain!

    No moisture all winter since October, but since May 10th, we are close to 8 inches of moisture.
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    Hey,hey hey

    Things look great here, but could definitely use some sunshine. We have had between 6 and 7 inches of moisture in the last 10 days. Looks like we will have hay and grass this summer. :)
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    Winter storm warning...in May?

    Its hard to tell, but I would guess that we got a solid foot of snow here the first go round and then it calmed down and then the snow started again last evening and we got at least another 3 or so inches over night. It is leaving fast though, water is running everywhere and hard. It has been...
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    McCormick Tractor

    We have 2 now and will likely buy another next time we go tractor shopping. Haven't had any trouble with our McCormick tractors.
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    Feeding the cows

    We have our bred heifers on Anipro liquid feeds on grass now. We will probably take them off of it after the tanks are empty this time and feed them oat and sorgum hay as the grass will start to run low in their pasture. We could feed Anipro or cake to the cows, but we have ALOT of hay this...
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    Feeding the cows

    We started feeding the February and March calvers a little this week. We are giving them 1 bale of oats hay, 1 bale of grass/clover hay, and 1 bale of sudan grass. This only comes to about 10 lbs a piece. They have lots of grass still standing in the pasture, but since we are on the third...