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    A Farmers' Obligation

    Something to think about, Sustainable is a word tht is sometimes over used. I believe it is proper to produce all we can, but without gluttony or waste. It is difficult to find a balance between what we need and what we can produce and still assure we have what we may need at some...
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    farm subsidies

    The government wants to tell us what to plant how much we can plant and set the price for what we produce. It wants to find a way to over ride the laws of supply and demand. Farm subsidies have been somewhat successful but come a long way from being fair and just
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    farm subsidies

    It all goes back to the time of the kings. If the king found his granaries and warehouses full[, then in a time of a famin he opened them to feed the people, he was considered a good king. If he found them empty, he taxed the people and took some of the farmers crops to fill them, he was a...
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    I am back on ranchers net, at least to browse. I am living in Cherry Hills Eststes asisted living here in Valentine again. I had what they call a mimi-stroke I am doing pretty good. I am able to walk and get around again but have to live here This thing happened to me while I was driving...
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    Largest Food Price Spike In 26 Years

    OT Aren'tyou making yourself look a little selfish, think about it. There are people out there who are unemployed, those with low income, and those who live on a limited fixed income who have a hard time putting food on the table for their family.The high prices are not there to give the...
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    Calf problem. Anybody seen this before?

    Might be Selenium poisoning. I have never experienced it,but high selenium area and poison Vetch rings a bell. Poison vetch is a selenium accumulater.
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    Quonset for a shop?

    I have a 40X60 Marval Brute here. We put it p in 1975. It may have a little more wall space then the old Quonset. but does have some wasted space. It serves our purpose I guess. The Miracle Span was popular when we put this up too. Don't know why we chose this one. A steel building doesn't...
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    Thoughts and prayers from here too.
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    We’re Closer to a Civil War in the West than You Think

    We need to learn to trust and respect our government. we need leaders in our government that helps us learn to do so. That goes for outside organizations too. I don't even see eye to eye with NRA either. I believe we do have a responsibility and right to protect ourselves, our family, home...
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    89 f250

    I have an 1989 250. Is it air in the clutch system or is that the clutch don't entirely release? I believe the slave cylinder is fastened to the fire wall. After time the fire wall becomes less stable so it don't work so well. Some put an adjustable push rod from the slave cylinder to the...
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    Soapweed made a good point about the merri-go-round. But if they put at least one foot on the ground and help push we tolerate them.
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    March in like a ............

    We are near South Dakota's banana belt here -2F this morning Not expected to warm much today, then colder tonight and tomorrow. 3 inches of snow now. NNE wind but it is not moving much snow
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    Granddaughter Honored

    I want to congratulate your Granddaughter. I appreciate your comments on the star quilts. I didn't know that the Indians believed it a special honor if they were given a star quilt or why they value them so highly. I thought it was just pride in their skill and handiwork. Gives me a whole...
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    It's summertime down there. Maybe he is just busy.
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    Obama Not Respected Abroad

    Not only that, they laugh at the American people who elected him. They wonder, as many of us do, Who's backyard the Democrats dug him up from and why?