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    Why does a horse roll?

    I did not mean she was hand bred, she was with the stud for sometime. I actually seen them breed. Could it be that she was bred and was rebred as a neighbors stud broke loose and ventured onto my farm several months later? - she may of lost the initial pregnancy? I have asked many horse...
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    Why does a horse roll?

    My mare has started to roll onto her back more than usual? She also rolls her lips and shows her teeth, not to unusual. Is it that its warm weather, scratching or other? I had a friend see her roll and gasped?!?! She said she did not want ti jinx me by saying what she thought????? She has...
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    Sun,Sun Mr. Golden Sun

    I posted some pics in the gallery of our farm in the warmer months..... I am sure looking forward to seeing that again!!!!!! Its like going from a deep freeze for 5 months to nothing but sunshine and the smell of sweet grasses growing! :wink:
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    Sun,Sun Mr. Golden Sun

    Hi all, its been wickedly cold here on the Canadian Prairies. An "Arctic Blanket" as they call it. In all my 38 years I DO NOT remember it being this cold. I took my golden retriever to the vet last Friday morning, 9:00 sharp - there was a perfect "sundog" around the sun as it was just off...
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    Winnipeg firefighters killed in blaze identified..Very Sad

    I am Winnipeg born and bred myself. I feel the loss for these poor families, but also proud of the brave mens courage. This morning about 200 yards from our front door, an elderly man was found froze to death in his car. Heart attack last night sometime..... Loss is never a good thing. Was...
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    I'm trying again

    Every flower that came to full bloom had to struggle and push through the dirt in order to see the suns light! You will get there too! :D
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    Poll for horse owners

    Hello folks, its been awhile. Now this is a tough call for me! But I'd have to say that I would be for slaughter. I've only had horses for about 8 years and had to put a few down. Here I thought it was the "nice" thing to do rather than ship them. Be it because of old age or nasty...
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    New horse!!

    :wink: Handsome looking creature - good luck with him! I'm betting he is a real keeper!!!!
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    R-Calf Sucks!!!!

    Yes Juan, my anger got the best of me. We have some hunters here right now from Minnesota - GREAT AMERICANS!!!! They also dislike R-Calf! I apologize to those US citizens with hearts and morals :oops:
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    R-Calf Sucks!!!!

    Omit my speeling blunders.....I have 4 HUNGRY kids to feed and not to much time to see to my errors!!!! :x
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    R-Calf Sucks!!!!

    Hi just feed the family dinner and turned on the local news. :( I have to say that with 4 kids, a small business and the ranch I have no time for TV Anyhow I see and hear that you FREAKIN R- Calf peoples are still at it! Colorado, both Dakotas, Mexico and what and whoever else are still...
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    Pasture Breeding

    Thank you for the input! :wink:
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    Pasture Breeding

    Northern Rancher, I also have a friend who's blue eyed white horse was rejected by the stallion? They obviously have preferences. She was an UGLY mare!
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    Pasture Breeding

    I have a 2 yr old Registered Morgan Stallion that has been with a neighbors 4 mares for almost 2 months now. The pasture is 1/4 section. The neighbor is worried they are not bred because he has not witnessed any "action". We have a trade agreement : hay for pasture breeding. I let him keep...
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    Big Bad Wolf

    Are wolves prone to attacking humans? I have never heard of an incident up here myself......anyone else have? :shock: