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    NH BR7090

    Just finished our third season on a BR 7090 special crop baler. Special crop pickup is a huge improvement over our previous NH wide pickups. Was ready to switch to JD but my dealer talked me into trying the 7090. Lots of capacity (except in wet spots.....plugs easily then!) & makes a good solid...
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    What is the primary truck brand on your operation?

    Heard of a diesel shop that had a cure for Ford's powerstroke problems...........installing rebuilt 24v 5.9 cummins for not much more than what a 6.0 l head gasket rebuild cost! Always meant to check that one out as Ford would finally have a real engine.
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    big exhaust and chips for diesels

    Several people recommended that I put an Edge chip on my 07 3500 cummins 5.9 24V. Was hesitant as the truck runs well & certainly had enough power but was looking for better fuel economy. Installed it several months ago & am quite pleased to date.....has added 3-5 mpg overall to my fuel...
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    br7090 new holland round baler.

    Changed the center shaft a couple of times on a BR 780A....kind of a PITA to work on. NH engineering screwed up big time with a too light pick up & a mickey mouse stuffer mechanism. Raised hell with my dealership & got some extended warranty but was not satisfied with the baler. Was dealing on a...
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    A short blast of Spring

    Hey! The young Rider fan shows outstanding taste; excellent sports knowledge & uncanny common sense for an Alberta resident!! :lol: :lol: :wink:
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    Bull tour

    Connie; Catalog looks good; good job on pictures & really appreciate the background info (&pictures) as well as the performance data. Loaded fairly easily on SK Tel mongrelized high speed airstick! Good luck on the sale!
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    Big Sale

    Being advertised as a receivership auction!
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    Electric Branding Iron

    We've got a couple electrics covering our own brands and find electric's easier to maintain proper heat. They do a good job. Our local feeder association goes through quite a few irons (misuse, abuse etc. :? ) and we've found that L&H irons (North Dakota ??) stand up better than the El Toro's.
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    Not my favorite Job.

    Hayguy........it's a little disturbing that you can't have a bit of fun with a salesman strapped in for the ride...........why just a touch of down home country style motoring should have the guy beggin to get out.......an that's when the REAL dealing can begin! :lol: :wink:
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    Sayins from long ago

    Frank was one to the district characters in his day. Frank always claimed he could jump higher, dive deeper and come out wetter than any other SOB that lived on the creek!
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    ABC News

    Just a suggestion folks......while I applaud your initiative & drive; make double sure that you are properly prepared and that you can be ready to counter common misconceptions & mistruth's that media love to promote. I would imagine that most state & national ag groups have communication...
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    bale rings/feeders

    Best round feeders I've used were called Rover 6's made somewhere around Calgary. Per found me the contact info a while back....think it is a different company now but give him a shout. They are very well made & the design wastes less feed than most others.
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    Bud Williams has died

    I had the pleasure of meeting Bud & Eunice when they put on a demonstration day at a local feed yard. Bud was very laid back & quite unassuming in the explanations of his methods..... his demonstrations easily proved that his livestock handling worked & worked extremely well. It was Eunice that...
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    silage vs haylage

    Could be mistaken but our dairy neighbours do both; haylage is usually partially sun dryed & put up about 15 percent less moisture than silage.
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    Does anyone know ?

    Hillsdown; Bringing in pharmaceuticals etc. requires an end use certificate from the producer so I really doubt you can have it brought up by friends. Not sure on Dectomax but generic ivermectins are cheap enough here now that it's not worth the hassle or trip to import . Check it out for sure...