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    Balers, Vermeer vs John Deere

    Had 535 that was about to replace second set of belts, chains, and sprockets and decided to trade up to 567 10 yrs after I bought 535. 30 some K bales thru it not 1 bearing out. Paid 18K for 535 in 94. Made trade in 2004 for 11K difference on new 567. Insurance bought burnt up 567 with 33K...
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    What moisture do you bale at?

    Best hay I ever put up was plumb cured... Started at first breath night air and got a quick thunders however that dumped probably .05. Had drove 40 miles cross country to get job done... only 120 bales or so left to make so I just baled it. Probe said 36 moisture but it was beautiful alfalfa hay.
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    Any body ever see this

    That's pretty neat. 5 or 6 years ago had a calf born with messed up front legs from lupine. The calf never could get up on its front legs. Helped in nurse for a few days and the mother started coming to it and would stand over it in the right position for it to nurse while basically laying on...
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    Been awhile...

    I'll take a pic of the top bulls mother right after she calves. He was her 1st calf. She had full brother 2015 and bred to same sire for this year. His sire would be a paternal 1/2 bro to the bottom bull... actually better than half with common ancestors on bottom side too. The sire to the...
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    Been awhile...

    Not according to their epd's
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    Been awhile...

    Thanks guys. We hold on to bull's til folks need them. This early spring means a month more than normal of handling them. Always a fun time when cows come home for calving, spring is in the air, and a bunch of virgin bulls are around. We gonna haul them out to summer pasture to get them outa...
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    Been awhile...

    They're itching to do their job.
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    Mixing bulls

    Like someone said... I've taken advantage of a cold windy rain. Seems like they could care less then and learned it by accident. We merged 2 groups of old bulls right before dark to get them outa the way for calving. Seems to help if you can do it on neutral ground or different pasture.
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    Canadian Hereford Digest

    They do look good. Good luck in your sale.
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    Why the downward slide?

    Are they the ones that sold bulls with bannerman?
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    cows for sale

    Twodot. L1 influence. Lots of cooper bulls over the years.
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    cows for sale

    Sundling dispersal?
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    Native prairie video

    107 looks like a nice one. Parents 33H half sibs. Wouldn't mind seeing 104b and his mom.
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    How windy was it?

    Well I figure I might be half the age of most you old farts on here and you all been there, seen that... but I never heard such a powerful wind