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  1. J

    Interesting Read

    Jody that is my thinking so I just stay with my tried and true mowers a lot cheaper than mocos
  2. J

    Interesting Read

    I use a rowse double 9 for my haying dries quicker use 16 wheel rake, I do find in the fine grasses that it streaks I have seen windrowers do the same.
  3. J

    new square baler

    should eliminate any missed ties, are you trying the baler this year
  4. J

    Need a little help

    Prayers coming from NW NE.
  5. J

    Sunflower's Wedding, August 26, 2017, Part Two

    Congratulations Soap your family just keeps growing.
  6. J

    Day of the Eclipse at the Spearhead Ranch, August 21, 2017 - Part Two

    I went to check pastures and make sure no one trespassed or left gates open as our summer range was right on the line, I stayed until almost totality but decided to beat traffic and left about 3/4 covered I did get down the road about 2 miles before it went dark and had to turn on the lights for...
  7. J

    bale decks

    I have a Deweze 265 with the parallel arms love it, would like to find another one for a 2nd outfit.
  8. J

    Happy New Year

    May everyone here have a Happy and prosperous New Year
  9. J

    May 1-2, 2016

    Soap you are going to have to get Peach a bigger ranger for all the kids
  10. J

    Fourth of July 2015 at Crawford, Nebraska

    I knew I should have walked down to the corner, could have chatted a bit, had a cousin here from Iowa that came out for the 4th and wanted to get together for a while it was a warm one that day.
  11. J

    Got Rain!

    We have received over 6.5 in of rain so far this month, very wet conditions here
  12. J

    Mother's Day Storm, May 10, 2015

    Hey Soap how much rain did you get before the snow came, here we had a little over 2" of rain and 14" of snow to top things off.
  13. J

    What calf table do you like?

    I have a foremost and love it, even my stubborn son thinks it okay less help and just a family affair now.
  14. J

    March 1 - 3, 2015

    It has a number of years since I saw John, summered some cows and calves at the Ellsworth ranch one year close to 30 years ago. He seems to wintering pretty good. Dad and John had a good visit about the old days of dances in the area when they were younger.
  15. J

    Calf catcher

    I just purchased a safety zone catcher, I like the way it is made and hooks up and unhooks in a couple of minutes, it seems to handle real nice, just waiting for the calves to start coming and put it to use, will feel a lot safer using it since I am getting older and the cows more protectful of...