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    Man loses 40 lbs in 90/days on McDonalds diet

    So much for the "Supersize Me" movie, I avoid eating at the place.
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    too much snow to hike too little to x-ski,

    Poles are mainly used for stability due to the uneveness of snow. These are used to help you from not falling in snow especially when snowshoeing. Poles used for snowshoeing have larger and stronger baskets on them, A basket is a circular disk at the end of the pole that helps to add stability...
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    Tune for today

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    Ornery Sodaks

    Why hire celebrities, are there not enough people from South Dakota that could promote SD on that float, tax money is too easy to waste.
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    Judge tosses out lawsuit brought by HSUS

    These animal rights groups could care less about any animals, all they care about is the easy money they get from donations.
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    Chris Mathews

    It's hard to be up on what is going on when you spend most of your time golfing.
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    A writer---coincidentally black---comments on the Obamas

    The worst thing about all of this is how a corporately owned media is complacent and willingly loves to pull his band wagon. Again, this low information media is running a story that Obama didn't know who or what the NSA was spying on. It his Job to know these things, at least that would be...
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    Do Dems believe Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen?

    Do we get to call the "birthers"?
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    Food Stamps Most Rapidly Growing Welfare Program

    Obamacare will add even more people to food stamps and welfare.
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    Racism Over Toilet Paper?

    You know a presidents approval rating is poor when toilet paper bare-ing his face is a popular seller.
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    Science and Technology Quiz

    Yes, I am in the top 7%, these were easy.
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    $578,000 for a fancy portapotty.

    I think we have found out why we have a debt problem. All of this money down a s--thole. Out right fraud and this is only a smigion that we know about.
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    ObamaCare's "Home" Inspections

    Now you know why the politicians who voted for this exempted themselves from it.
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    U.S. Reliability Questioned Overseas

    Yes, inflation will be one of the triggers to an economic meltdown along with interest rates. Interest alone will make the federal debt unserviceable in the near future. What good is inflation when it causes discouragement among the people and spirals out of control?