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    Can't be Good for Consumer Confidence

    Wasn't there a"cluster" of CJD cases in the states awhile back. Can't remember where but wasn't there a racetrack connection?
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    Can't be Good for Consumer Confidence

    Preliminary LHSC lab tests processed yesterday produced a negative result, meaning that a diagnosis of CJD is less likely. Oldtimer, do you ever post follow up stories if they are different from the ones with the sensational headlines that you like to find ?
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    Many Canadian ranchers now just 'hired hands'

    I think Hay Maker needs a little help, no make that a LOT of help. His comments to Tam are very much out of line. Sure doesn't say much for his mentality.
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    Well Miss Tam

    Haymaker, I fail to see what Tam said that makes her look stupid! There is a lot of truth in what she says. It always seems easier for some people to blame others for everything and take no responsibility for their actions.
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    Quote from Japan

    Japan wasn't suprised. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nn20050626a5.htm
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    10501 R-Calf members?

    Even if they have 16700 members it is still such a small percentage of cattlemen in the US.
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    If there are 850000 cattlemen then less than 2 percent belong to R-calf. Sounds like 98% of the cattlemen think for themselves !!
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    Can anyone tell me how many cattlemen there are in the US ? I would think 16,700 is a pretty small percentage !
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    Canada Five-Fold behind U.S. in BSE Testing

    A judge that is in R-Calf's pocket ??
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    List of Terms I Love to Hate

    THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX and EXACTLY are the two that bug me the most. " Politically correct" should be done away with. It seems a person has to be so careful of what we say we might as well just keep our mouths shut.
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    More of R-calfs work on behalf of US producers

    But we know who the judge will be so the trial is a waste of time.
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    In the news

    R-Calf is a joke too. The only thing is they have a judge in their pocket !!
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    Montana Judge Sets July Hearing on Canada Cattle

    What I understand is that Cebull will preside over the July court hearing also. I wonder why they bother as he already has his mind made up (or made up for him) I can only hope that our government will finally get it's head out of the sand and agree to start testing and expand our markets and...
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    82 Organizations Support House Resolution to Protect U.S. Be

    I did the grocery shopping today. For the first time I paid close attention to the sale flyers to see where the produce originated. Then I brought home what was grown in Canada, Australia and Chile. The lettuce and Strawberries from Califonia and Tomatoes from Florida stayed in the store even...
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    I wish R-calf would explain what the difference is if the UTM cattle cross the border alive or in boxes ! I would rather we get more slaughter plants built up here and keep the border closed. We should do more testing and find new markets. Relying on the US as a trading partner is foolish (...