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    A Steak in Genomics

    Rattling your trap to hear your own voice? Have you ever done any actual research yourself? Or do you just regurgitate your nonsense all over the internet. I'd be interested in seeing some research that you actually performed yourself. And not some "meta analysis" where you glob onto someone...
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    Commodity Deflation

    Exactly....$4.50 ground beef and cull cows around 60 cents.......somebody is making some jingle...
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    Why the downward slide?

    Yep...George and LittleJoe have it right. When one realizes the world is now a corporatocracy, things like this make much more sense.....
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    History repeats

    There are still several barns here in Texas that weigh after the sale.
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    Time consuming

    Awesome pics. Love the family pic.
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    Sage grouse not endangered

    Nailed it Mike. That and they are smart enough to win this war by 1000 cuts instead of trying a death blow that could backfire.
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    another black leader that isn't black?

    The idiot from Nebraska that gifted America with Obamacare?????
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    August 12-13, 2015

    Good Looking grandkids! I can see why some have said the Sandhills were God's own cattle country.
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    Late April 2015

    Is that your hydraulic set-up soap?
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    Branding Day

    Nice calves Looks like a nice operation.
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    Software upgrade

    Twitter, Facebook, other forums more dedicated to specifics will replace most general purpose forums
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    Long Range Wormer

    Are you saying LongRange is supposed to have a residual effect on flies? just trying to clarify, these posts are hard to follow sometimes when several people start taking them different directions.
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    cow / calf pairs

    The market for Hereford females is out of this world. You'd be stark raving mad to sell them at a salebarn. Use the cattle range or one of the Facebook pages and the young pairs should be worth at least 3500 on up if they are decent.
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    Some pics--been awhile since I've posted!

    Absolutely awesome pictures. Love seeing the family stuff. Warms my heart in a sometimes dreary world.
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    New Forum Software

    They will adapt. As owner of a cattle site myself, I find it amusing how so many members are so good at back seat driving.