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    The truth about R-CALF

    Have you looked at the market lately????????????????
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    GIPSA rule

    Got to have processing to access the market. Processor and inspectors telling me regulations are making it were they can't compete. Read through some new regulation today...one page of definitions...one page telling me the equipment I had to own to transport meat...and two pages telling me what...
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    We do the same thing we did Nov. 2, but take a bigger swing. There are politicians that have committed crimes that any of us would be put in jail for...yet they still have jobs. We have to vote the corruption and power out of Washington. Educate yourself, educate your friends.
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    GIPSA rule

    When they control market access, they control production.
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    Good to hear you didn't get blown away today! :shock: :wink: :D
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    GIPSA rule

    Aren't the same companies major players in all three protein markets? Why would you think the "beef cattle trade" won't go down the same road as pork and poultry? As Glenn Beck would say..."watch the other hand". Whose lobbyist do you think are writing these rules? Well, we know who doesn't...
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    Really???? The Beef Trust back then only had about 40% market share on beef...their real monopoly was on refrigerated railcars and cold storage...they controlled all transported foods to the big city markets. Much food was processed and sold locally back then and wasn't able to be controlled by...
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    GIPSA rule

    High Plains, I wasn't trying to make the point that COOL was responsible for the prices(and I agree with your assessment)...I was pointing out that these same groups were putting out propaganda to protect their interest then, as they are now. The problem is the market power the few large...
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    GIPSA rule

    Aren't these the same orgs that said the meat industry would collapse if COOL was implemented? Aren't cattle prices at record or near record prices? When are these people going to lose creditability with producers? As producers, we don't have a good option here...either be under the thumb of big...
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    balin hay in November

    Last year, too much rain to cut hay or plant pasture. This year, no rain to make hay or sprout pasture. Always something :!:
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    More on Traceability

    What is stopping anyone from setting up a traceability program now???? NOTHING!!! Like OT and per say...if there is a demand for it, somebody will fill it. There was a demand for BSE tested USA beef...there was a company that wanted to supply it, but the government wouldn't allow it to...
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    Another ‘study' from meatpacker puppets

    Ya think he's referring to someone other than the author????
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    the secret life of beef

    Beefman, as someone that raises 100% grassfed beef, I agree with you on much of it. The reason everyone should watch this is to see that our children are being indoctrinated at a young age in public schools. The data the UN and governments have been using to promote man-made global warming(not...
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    Sparky's new mud boat, November 4, 2010

    'pends on the duck...driver ducks(mostly fish eaters), I agree with ya. Puddle ducks(mallard, pintail, teal, woodduck) that's another story. My Grandma(a little Sicilian woman) had a recipe for duck legs to kill for...sauté a bunch of chopped onions, bellpepper, garlic...add wine and water to...