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    May/June Calving Update

    These cattle don't get mineral while they are on the forest in the summer. I feel in our case, mineral does help when it's feasible to feed it. Our vet has reported high preg rates for this entire area this fall. Indeed, a great year for many...finally!
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    May/June Calving Update

    Ditto. These cows bred up very well also.
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    Weaning Time

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Weaning Time

    Calves look great. How do you like that mineral feeder?
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    Does anyone have blueprints for an ark?

    Yeah, you are definitely in a nicer climate than here...most people are! At least calving in May, snow should be the exception for you and not the rule. This is two years in a row where we've had significant snowstorms in May, including the folks at lower elevations :shock:. I'm with you...
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    Does anyone have blueprints for an ark?

    I don't believe a perfect calving season exists in our area, a back-up plan for extreme weather should always be in place...and hopefully the forecasts are correct. I remember when we calved mid-April into June one year, we got into extremely hot days towards the end, and newborns would...
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    Does anyone have blueprints for an ark?

    Yes, the forecast was wrong for us as well. Never in a million years did I dream this amount of snow would fall. Our cattle were in a pasture with good shelter, but many didn't gather up and get into cover when the storm began. Like you, I never anticipated what was coming, or I would have...
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    Does anyone have blueprints for an ark?

    It wouldn't have been worse calving in February/March in our area this year. We got over two feet of snow in this storm with terrible wind, and a huge area of southeast Wyoming is a mess. We came through in good shape so far, considering, and a lot of that I attribute to having an older, larger...
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    I have to respectfully disagree with you FH regarding killed vaccines. Our neighbor, who buys calves to run over on grass, purchased four loads of steers off of the video, about five bucks back from the market (clue number 1). The cattle had only ever been on a killed program...cows/calves...
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    I have used MLV in pregnant cows during the fall according to label...meaning they had had a previous dose within a year. I liked not having to vaccinate prior to breeding, but felt it may have contributed to more abortions. It seemed like about six weeks post vaccination in the fall, 2-3 cows...
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    question for angus folks

    I agree with the others, I wouldn't risk it. I got in a pinch and used a different bull on these heifers last spring, and paid for it this year. He had decent numbers, Image Maker bred, and these females don't have big birthweights, but I still ended up assisting around 20%. I completely...
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    My diary entry April 3, 1968 (a blizzard that day)

    Wow, what a long day! That story makes you appreciate weather forecasting even more.
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    Jinx er...

    That's generally my policy too. However, I had one this year that was born in the morning, up and nursing. I went out after lunch to tag and turn it out, and it was standing up, breathing hard. The next thing I knew he collapsed, did the death bawl and croaked :shock:.
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    Herniated Navel

    I just had one as well, and the outcome wasn't successful. I hope you have better luck.
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    Shortgrass needs our prayers

    Oh no, that's horrible news Shortgrass! I hope you have a smooth recovery. Those big bales can be so dangerous.