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    From the SDSGA

    They can't even keep track of their own shadows in the US, let alone cattle!
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    Two MAD COW farmers jailed for BSE fraud JAILED FOR 3 YEARS

    Testing steers for a sperm count is useless!
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    Highest Beef Prices in the World

    I think I mentioned both the brand and record keeping systems!! :???: These have been mentioned many times by OT as a combination of tracking that is far superior to any tagging system.
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    Highest Beef Prices in the World

    Can't they get age verified in Montana, where they have an unsurpassed brand and record keeping system?
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    US Imports to Japan

    You reap what you sow, now harvest what you have grown! the Japanese still trust untested Canadian Beef.
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    Under 24 Month Positives in the UK

    What was the rate of contaminated material? How does the Uk experience differ from North America? How many cases pre-ruminant by-product exclusion?
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    Packers jumping through Hoops

    I agree with you OT, the US doesn't know what they want, or require!
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    Many Small Packers Wanted to Test

    Wasn't this the reason that the Us laughed at Canada and the amounts of beef that were sent to Japan, from Canada?
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    Question About Japanese Beef

    Higher standards on another BSE country! The US wouldn't do that would they? I think the US is dealing with a little pay-back! I think the term is "do unto others"
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    The birth of Capitalism & Big Business

    You've made your bed! I get a kick out of all the Americans on this site that have a problem with big business. I have to ask, where did it start? Has it not been of your own making? have you not, and still, benefiting from it?
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    Canadians Sucking Hind Teat

    Those darn Canucks, using a US instigated situation to get ahead. Smart boys, up North, I'd say.
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    Cargil/Tyson etal = Power Elites

    Sure glad you guys are PROUD, to live in the country you live in? Isn't it funny that when anyone else says anything about the "powers that be" in the US, they are ridiculed. I guess being of the same mind, only counts if you are of the same citzenship also.
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    Any bets on the next day of terror.

    Randy Just for you!, you uneducated hick. i think Fed-up was trying to say that having a second child with the mother of your first child, is a negative thing!
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    Any bets on the next day of terror.

    Hey Randy when you get done stirring, is anything ever thicker than water? Chicks in Edm.? I gave my tickets away. Didn't want to be ridiculed on Ranchers for being a Bush hater. Seems you can't say anything these days, or go anywhere, without it being a political interest. I'd hate to be...
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    Jim McAdams speech

    Even while Japan was testing, the US was not allowing beef in. Sandhusker, would you have eaten Japanese UTM beef that was tested? Integrity includes, not conducting bogus tests on animals of an age, that will not be found positive! The Japanese have lost trust already, and it was not due to...
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    Whatever Happened To These Charges?

    IN OTHER NEWS, US investigators say the same about US grown produce! Check the newspapers. Something tells me someone is looking for a scare story here, and in the US!
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    Infectious Prions in the Saliva and Blood of Deer with CWD

    Are TSE's passed this way? Do we know yet?
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    Milk and Meat from Clones

    Don't want to start rumours, but I saw some alligators with breasts too! Hormones in Milk? Here are the concentrations: of Estrogen 6 oz, non treated beef 2.6 ng 6 oz treated beef 3.8 ng 8 fluid oz milk 34ng 4 oz. cabbage 2700ng 1 tbs. Soybean oil 28, 370 ng Normal Adult Male...
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    Infectious Prions in the Saliva and Blood of Deer with CWD

    Reader, would these be "good' prions they shed, or the mis-shapen variety?
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    Infectious Prions in the Saliva and Blood of Deer with CWD

    Further to transmission theories. In what ways do animals expell toxins from their bodies? Urine, saliva? Does this mean that an animal that expells toxins, is still harboring the toxin? Would they test positive after expelling the toxins?