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    Winner- floral

    All I can say is BEAUTIFUL.
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    I believe cert received the best gift of all.
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    The REAL reason for CAFTA

    Heck Hay Maker, as full of sht as you are I would expect you to be about 90% rectum. :-)
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    What is an xmas present. Around here we give Christmas presents or gifts as do most Christians.
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    New Design 878 daughters

    A bulls offspring doesn't change for better or worse with his age. If he sires hard breeders as a 4 yr old he will sire hard breeders as an 8 yr old. If he sires nuts as a 4 yr old he'll sire nuts as an 8 yr old.
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    No question about it. It is the one without the hat, and full of spots. Look at the smile.
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    RFD TV

    Frenchie, I like your new SIGNATURE. Lots of truth in it.
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    cost of beef

    But they can stop at McDonalds and spend $25 to $30.00 on half a doz crappy hamburgers and think nothing about it.
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    Missouri man spits tobacco juice at Jane Fonda

    Yup Soapweed, Post an address to send money to help pay his Bail.
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    Freeze Branding With Dry Ice

    Once you have registered a brand, the next step is to get an iron with your brand and also a set of number brands if you wish to individually identify your cattle. Excellent brands for freeze branding are manufactured by L & H Mfg., Mandam, ND. They are made of copper alloy and come in various...
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    Freeze Branding With Dry Ice

    Check Your P.M. Box
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    Charolais in South Dakota...who brought em?

    There was some guys from La. that smuggled some into the U.S. and one spent time in the pen for taking the fall for it. I don't know all the details, but I think it was a Cajun guy from Kaplan, La.
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    Charolais in South Dakota...who brought em?

    I may be mistaken but I think it was in the early 1940's.
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    hey haymaker!

    The reason for not much of a hangover the next day is probaly because the mix had very little sugar in it. A sweet mix is what gives the hangover. The sweeter it is the worse the hangover.
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    R-CALF Backs Away From Food Safety Claim

    From BEEF Cow-Calf weekly R-CALF Backs Away From Food Safety Claim The National Meat Association (NMA) filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals its response brief in R-CALF v. USDA. NMA argues there is ample evidence in the record to sustain a finding that USDA's Final Rule presented no...
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    Chiropracters and Shoulder Pain

    Oldtimer never said it felt that good. Only about 90% better.
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    Fair Market Beef

    My check went out in yesterdays mail.
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    I'll throw in my $20

    Yep, Jared's back. Give him time and he'll blow.
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    I'll throw in my $20

    Sounds like Nebrusker's back again. Wonder how long it will take Macon to kick him off this time.
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    Classified Ads Upgrade

    Thanks Macon My Hoff First Edition ad looks real good . Before when I would click on the pic nothing would happen. Now it enlarges beautifully.