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Bse mistake in Canada?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Home on the Range, Alberta
Tam asked for answers regarding feed. As I have already told reader, there were many things in the cattle feed that probably contributed to BSE. Everyone likes to say that Mark Purdey's theory does not involve feed, will sorry but it does.

Chicken manure was banned also, a source of high levels of manganese.

The tallow and other fats of pigs and cattle that were included in the cow feed contained levels of organophosphates that may have caused a chronic exposure. This chronic exposure would be continually distrupting the cows mineral balances. OPs chelate copper, known fact.

Many of the grains used at that time were treated with OPs for mites. When the maximum acceptable levels for cattle feed were reached, the UK government simply increased the allowable maximums.

Other countries like France and Switzerland, used OPs on their cattle and pigs, and probably elsewhere. When the feed bans prohibited the feeding of animals parts to cattle, this would have dropped the levels of exposure to OPs.

There is continuing investigation by many sources into the application of sewage sludge on farm lands - this can be a source of metals and other nasties. A recent Canadian CBC report, talked about flame retardants showing up in meat and grain.

The ban on growth hormones (1986 in UK, 1989 EU) may have been a contributing factor to the BSE decline. Human growth hormone injections are known to cause CJD transmission.

The arguement is whether it was just the prions in the feed, or something else that caused the disease. As I have stated before, breathing in these contaminants (manganese, mercury ions, etc), is far more affective than consumption. The manufacturing industries and other industries like coal powered electrical stations, etc. are spewing pollution everywhere. Cases are still occurring all over, why? If the feed is banned then how do you explain these cases?

We all want to blame something. I just believe the prion only hypothesis is far to simplistic. The true cause is probably very medically complex and involves many forces which could be avoided. If you never get the disease (any disease for that matter), if you avoid what some call "triggers"; then is not the trigger part of the cause.

The fact that transmission experiments use homogenate that is subjected to sonication, and then injected into the brain, or directly into the stomach shows me this disease is being made into a monster without just cause.

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