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Cattle Chutes

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What chutes are you guys using. I have priced a Big Valley M1-V, Preifert S04 and a Powder River XL. All with automatic headgates. What is your experiences with any of the these models. I noticed the Preifert has a 'scisscors' type headgate. Do they work nice? I'm just looking for any advice on durability and operation. I will run 350 cows, the calves and some bulls through this device. I will also use it for AI and palpation work. Thanks for any info.
I like the Stampede Steel Hydralic. If you have acess to power it sure save on the personal wear and tear. I am not a fan of self catching head gate but haven't used many differeny ones. The stampede are heavy built and even their manual model looks to be very good. Just one man's opinion.We run about the same number of cows you do. :cowboy:
If you have horned cattle, auto headgates aren't the method of choice.

Preifert says it's automatic, but in reality, generally a guy nhas to trip the headgate manually. They have improved their squeeze leverage, but it is still a one-sided squeeze and the animal doesn't stand squarely. Friction locks don't work as well when wet either.

M-1 by big valley is one I haven't used, but wasn't very impressed with it at a cattlehandling demo.

I grew up around Powder River and sell it. A lot of improvements over the years with a longer chute, side exit, adjustable bottom and neck access. Long handles give great leverage and it is a two-sided squeeze. Some people have troubles running into the handles and prefer a thorson for this reason. In the Northwest, guys like the durability and way powder River holds its resale value. i was at a guys place in Klamath falls where he still uses a 1946 model his dad bought. New Chutes are a lot bigger and heavier. This guy is looking at a hydraulic now. Most people that have negative to say about a Powder River are comparing new brands to older models of Powder River that are smaller, have no side exit and the width isn't adjustable.

The Harters in Eastern Washington can run 1,000 head by 2:00 in their Powder River tub, alley and Manual Chute. I grew up around them and they are very easy for me to use. My point is with the right setup, you can get a lot done quickly and easily and feel like doing something else after you are done.

Where are you located??? Powder River just introduced a new Hydraulic Chute that you can get for under $6,000 in the Pacific Northwest. My guess is you are looking to pay close to $3,000 for an Automatic of any brand. The hydraulic will run off 110 or 220. Has power tailgate, squeeze and headgate. The headgate is unique in that it's pivot adjusts in or out as you adjust the width. So if you have big bellied 9 month pregnant cows, the pivot is out and they aren't bumping their bellies on the way out.

I worked in a 20,000 head feedlot where we transitioned the doctor areas from manual to hydraulic Chutes. If you can get a hydraulic, you'll never be sorry.

Drop me a line,


Stampede makes a nice Chute, but a lot of bells whistles and complexity that you pay for. I am not a fan of the Brisket bar as I see every bulls testicles and every cows udder hitting it on the way out. However, you can take it out,

The worst part of exporting cattle to U.S.was checking tags in the Powder River chutes at the crossing but maybe new ones are better-Stampede Steel chutes are awesome-I A.I. a few thousand head a year and they are the best I've used yet.
Northern Rancher,

How old was the ones You used. I have had 140 pound ladies use these new ones in demo's and not have any problems. last one was at the Spokane Ag Expo, first time she ever caught a cow. All she could talk about was how easy it was. Stampede dealer missed one at the same demo, less a reflection of the chute and more that these were range calves and not Dairy cows in the demo. If you say you haven't missed a cow, you haven't worked many.

Stampede is a great Chute, but a lot of bells and whistles to be paid for. The guys where I live use the heck out of the Powder River Chutes, we can run a lot of cattle in a day. What was the specific problem you had????

I think I could get Sohio into a Hydraulic for not much more than this manual Stampede Chute.

I sell Powder river because I have used it and I believe in it. For us, ease of use and durability have been the reasons we use it. I have tried some other products and always ended up selling and going to a Powder river product. I have worked lots of places and used lots of different equipment. I have been where all we had was a long rope and fast horse, (not always a fast horse), so I always appreciate a good set of facilities. I am not in any way saying there isn't other good equipment out there. For usability, the stampede is good, but when you compare price, I go with a similarly priced hydraulic over a manual anyday.

I sell what I use at home. I didn't start using this stuff because I sell it,

I'm not sure how old they were and like I said the new ones are probably better-I'd be getting a Stampede just because I like them and they are made just a few hours from me. If a person can afford it a hydraulic is alot nicer to use-just a question whats a set of powder River bucking chutes cost-I could use 3 or 4 right or left hand deliveries.
The best chute I've ever used is a Thorsen- but I'm not sure they are avialable anymore- I think they closed the shop a couple years ago.....
I guess IM not as particular as some ,but I use the POWDER RIVER brand they suit me fine,and they are old..........good luck
Ive got a Philson chute with a automatic head gate we ran 40 hfrs. through on sat. in 40 minutes bangs vacc.and I paid $1100.00 total about 10 years ago.
We just bought a new Birch Creek Industries squeeze and we love it. we had a big Valley before and I wasnt impressed with it. Our new one cost $2895 about a month ago and we are real impressed. It has a scissor closure with a foot pedal and a handle on either side. We ran around 150 cows through it last weekend and took a couple of hours to vaccinate them and dectomax them! I would definately recommend this new brand of squeeze. Very well built. We run alot of big herd bulls through and it stands up to this heavy duty work real well. I can provide a picture of one and a link to a dealer http://www.agdealer.com/294.

Thorson has been opened and closed a lot depending on who you talk to. Talked to a vet at The Spokane Ag Expo. I told him last I knew thorson was closed, he said they weren't as he is a dealer, that was a month ago. We had Thorson Chutes at the feedlot, good chutes, I just liked the Powder River better, but I'm comparing to some dang old Torsons that had a lot of cattle thru them. A lot of guys I like and respect like the Thorsons also.


Two things, Steel has driven price up a ton in the last two years. Also, The Powder River Value Chute was to answer the markets desire for a Price point Chute similar to Philson. Terry Smith, a good freind of mine was a rep for Philson. I would say the Philson and Powder River Value Chute are about the same category. The XL is more of a commercial grade chute, a lot heavier and a lot more expensive.


I haven't seen a Birch Ceek Chute, but my evaluation being similar to yours on the Big Valley, I'd definetley take your word on it.


I grew up in NE Oregon where Powder River was started in 1938. Your proximity to Stampede has you familiar with the operation. I have stated I think they are a good chute and everyone I know that has seen them says the same. In my neck of the woods, they are a bit spendy, but if someone wanted one, I'd refer them to pearson Fence in Colfax washington as the dealer. I wouldn't have any regrets or qualms. If I were to refer them to a big Valley dealer, I'd feel Queasy. My proximity to the origins of Powder river has me very familiar with their workings. I find a lot of Montanan's find the same with Thorson. I also find a lot of folks comparing an old Powder River to a new model brand X. Not a fair comparison.

As far as the Powder River Bucking Chute,

Tell me where you live and I can refer you to some good dealers. My suspicion would be that if you are in Canada, Freight and import drives these beyond the market. But don't let this make e sound as if I am asking for fair trade, LOL. Besides, most Canadians know more about getting around this and buying our stuff than I.

Sorry PPRM I forgot to type in my user name -thought it did it for me. Was just curious at what they sold for down there-I've got lots of buddies in U'S somaybe freight not that big a deal after all.
First section is about $3800, FOB Pendleton Grain Growers, Pendleton Oregon, my estimate.

Add Sections about $2,700, FOB PGG, Pendleton, Oregon, again my estimate.

First section has two rollgates, each add section only needs one, that's the difference in price.

These include a 3 or 4 foot catwalk for behind the chute also,

These are based on some pretty skinny margins that PGG would be willing to work with. These prices are also about 30% or more higher than a year ago as steel prices have really driven the price up.

Private Message me for more info, I can give you a phone number and set you up with an actual dealer to talk to, maybe even closer to where the buddies are. Big R on Trent in Spokane might also be pretty competitve on this as would Murdocks in Moses Lake Washington. I think Andy Keith at Murdochs used to raise some Bucking Bulls.

Funny thing about used Buckin Chutes. I always have a few sourced until someone actually neeeds one, then they seem to be sold. Murphy's Law

powder river has a model the is used for longhorns. i have angus cattle and that is the best manual one that is have used. a few places around here like the powder chute with a preifert head gate which works good also.. I HATE SELF CATCH worthless in my opinion. once you go hydraulic youll never go back they are worth every penny
danged near got killed working infront of a manual head catch. Get a good hydrlica with a good neck extender. Don't take much of a hospital bill to pay for a good chute. Talk to your local surgen about the people he patches up from working cattle in a manual chute.
danged near got killed working infront of a manual head catch.


That really tells us nothing. What happened????? I dang near got run over by a car once, doesn't mean I quit crossing the street, means I pay better attention. I started around these chutes at about 10 years of age. so, 30 years and no near misses, however a teco is a different matter,


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