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Looks to me you are the one thats slow wenchie,I mean frenchie or drunk you cant even spell...........good luck PS when that fat *itch sings you better be listening BOY cause it damn sure will be THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS.

Your a legend in your own mind. :lol: :lol:
Hat said:
FYI that's Napolean Dynamite he's in a movie called......................Napolean Dynamite. Also, I have nothing against black cattle. $2400 good for you, my friends Connealy's just averaged $5140 on just under 400 head of bulls, at least the offspring from Angus cattle are marketable in any location. Joe Goggins purchased the top bull for $130,000 maybe you guys North of the Border should look him up and buy some quality genetics, O wait your all R-Calf boycotters and your gonna put the hurtin on us down here by not buying our genetics. Good luck with that my friends.

If bullshit was brass you have a full band

Connealy Angus Ranch Bull Sale
Whitman, NE
March 27, 2004

Top Bull: Lot 273–Connealy LO 104, 3-31-02 bull by Connealy Lead On. To ABS Global Inc., DeForest, WI, and Sitz Angus Farm, Harrison, MT, for $40,000.

Lot 239–Connealy GM 868 439, 2-3-03 bull by G A R Grid Maker. To JM McKellar Cattle Co. LLC, Mount Pleasant, TX, for $21,000.

Lot 274–Connealy L O 6363, 4-8-02 bull by Connealy Lead On. To ABS for $17,500.

Lot 276–Connealy L O 866, 4-6-02 bull by Connealy Lead On. To Gardels Farms Inc., Wilcox, NE, for $15,000.

Lot 238–Connealy G M 868 835, 2-5-03 bull by G A R Grid Maker. To Whitestone-Krebs, Gordon, NE, for $14,000.

Lot 240–Connealy G M 868 6, 2-7-03 bull by G A R Grid Maker. To Eagle Pass Ranch, Highmore, SD, for $13,000.

Lot 244–Connealy G M 944, 2-5-03 bull by G A R Grid Maker. To Eagle Hills Ranch, Gothenburg, NE, for $11,000.

Lot 8–Connealy F D 193, 2-21-03 bull by C A Future Direction 5321. To Snake Creek Angus Ranch, Morrill, NE, for $10,500.

Lot 320–Connealy VG 988, 3-14-02 bull by Connealy Virginian 681. To Acton Inc., Holmesville, NE, for $10,500.

Lots Gross Average
68 older bulls $331,250.00 $4,871.00
239 yrlg. bulls $1,012,750.00 $4,237.00
307 Total Live Lots $1,344,000.00 $4,378.00
Lot 244–Connealy G M 944, 2-5-03 bull by G A R Grid Maker. To Eagle Hills Ranch, Gothenburg, NE, for $11,000.

Why would a R-CALF supporter name a bull Grid Maker when they are opposed to captive supply. OH OH maybe Grid Cattle aren't Captive.
I know the Connely's quite well and no, I am not running down their program, but their top 10 or 15 bulls combined don't add up to the sum of "Patriot" last fall and last time I checked the Latimers have absolutly swept the floor at Denver at least three years running now with their Polled Hereford AND Angus genetics. Additionally, an AMERICAN interest recently bought into the ENTIRE program and they now have their OWN branded beef program selling in our local supermarkets...
oh, and they're haveing a tough time keeping the product stocked...
Canadian genetics suck!! LOL!
Shelly hope that helps jogging your memory, not that big a deal! They'll have another one this fall or even as soon as next week at their bull sale!
SASH, my kids watch SOUTH PARK too! I couldn't agree more!
Not pissing in anyone's cornflakes but I won't have you running down my Canadian genetics Hatskey, or my good friends for that matter! I'm pretty mild mannered until someone starts shooting their mouth off undeserved. Have a good day all! Even the R-calfers!
Sorry, yeah forgot to mention, that $195 G's was for the right to use him A.I. only. Can't get possession for that price, will have to pay extra to get to look at him every day! Have a good day all!
Ohhhhhh, Mr. Hat :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Man that just never gets old. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ah, there's a good picture of old Mr. Hat. I wonder if that's what Bill Bullard looks like as a cartoon character. Must be uncomfortable for you having his hand shoved up your butt like that.
To be fair to Connealy's even people with good cattle can't help it if idiots are fond of their genetics. You can't always pick your customers unfortunately.
Does that happen to you a lot Hat, knock on people's doors and they don't answer.

You know they're home, you can see them peeking through the window! And then the lights go off, things that make you go HMMMM!
so it is obvious hat is just a young pup by the picture of whats his name by hats name.and the fact which he says he has been watchin south park for yrs.if u watch that show that long means to me you have to below average smarts.

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