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SASH said:
Did you know that the creators of South Park were Canadian? So is Matt Groening, the guy who created the Simpsons.

This is too much fun.. :twisted: like fighting with an unarmed man :lol2:
Like pokin at a weasel with a stick in a cage. gotta love it. oh and them weasels can stink too.
reader(the second) I am sure Hat will never be my ally.
Dont forget this is bull session ....a no-holds-barred discussion site.
If you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.
Dont worry about poor ole Hat i am sure he is enjoying his self immensely.
I would never do anything to intentional piss you off reader because i was taught to respect my elders. :wink: :p
If i remember right what you said your age was i am a few yrs younger at 47
reader (the Second) said:
A friend says you can get a Ph.D. without even attending classes from some universities.

But if you want one, go to University of Texas. Best town to be a student in ever. That's why I was a student for so many years. My son was just saying he was thinking of UT Law School.

UT LAW School, I thought in Texas they shoot first and asked questions later. :wink:
that might be to far to travel for school and i think i am past the learning stage. but hey maybe i can go and party this time around didnt get too much last time around. :D

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