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What's the weather like at your place?

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It was a cool 59 degrees yesterday morning, and not too bad this morning with mid-60's. Mid-90's every afternoon and supposed to be back close to 100 again by the end of the 7 day forecast, so looks like we'll have one more blast of summer. Fire weather danger in the NWS forecast discussion almost every day. Sure could use a rain...
We have a county fair in a couple weeks and our district fair the next week. It'll usually rain for one of them and rain enough sometimes to make it muddy. Hopefully that'll be the case this year. We've made lots of hay in my county and it's been green all year. Powder dust now though
It was raining here after dark last night. Some thunder and lightning but not close. Just starting to get light out so I haven't checked the rain gauge yet. It is 58 out.
Checked the gauge it say 0.3 inches last night. Last year we got 12.5 inches Oct-Oct which is about normal for us. This year we had hit 12 inches by June. The last 3 weeks I have got 4.8 inches. The hills have turned green.

Yet this morning I am out changing irrigation. One does have to wonder about me..... But these calves who have been weaned about 3 weeks are sure liking all the green grass.

Still running 104 during the day.Only getting down to 80 in the mornings before sun light and it's so dry I'd bet if it rained 5 inches, in 2 hours, there would hardly be any run off.
90 degrees at 9:30pm tonight.Still no rain.Maybe Tuesday the weather sayer told us tonight on the evening news.It's bad here folks.Hauled a few older cows to the packer today.

One of the cows was 21 years old.She was out of some registered Black Angus heifers my Mother and I bought in 1990.She was born in 2002.She never ate a protein cube in her life.She ate hay and would lick a protein tub,but never,ever had a cube in her life.Strange old girl.It was a sad day today for me for sure.
I know how you feel about those good 'ole girls.

We were camping for 2 weeks and when we got home there was 2" in the rain gauge. The country looks good, the mountains look AMAZING. Water puddles in the roads. The mountains needed this year of good moisture. The flowers are still blooming up there. I'll post some photos.
It's 75 here right now and will get cooler tomorrow with a chance for rain.
Some mountain photos:
We laughed at this because no one, NO ONE would take a semi even close to here.
I'm having problems finding the photos I want to share, doing it from my phone.
So it's a crap shoot...


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I can't seem to get the descriptions on with the photos.
So the first one shows some wildflowers still in bloom, plus there were lots of yellow mushrooms-we didn't eat any 😁. Then a scenery photo and the last one is of one of two graves. This one was dated 1877. I know because MR FH looked to see.

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