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    working pic's of some of our kelpies

    thanks purecountry you are right about folks not spending not spending time training their dogs they just expect them to do what they ask of them i have not been spending any time training the past year and it shows but i use mine most everyday so they stay pretty sharp but i don't have many...
  2. J

    working pic's of some of our kelpies

    thankyou sicem reds it is nice to have a set of dogs that will work togather and around here they have to be able to make hand on their own before they get to work with a group on big bunches until later jerry
  3. J

    working pic's of some of our kelpies

    thank ya'll yes my dogs do back each other up up in a fight with a tough cow and most of them are tough as this country is full of predators and they are range cows that don't get handled very much bmr yes i put tri tronics collars on them i don't use them much but when i say stop i mean now...
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    working pic's of some of our kelpies

    hey ya'll i have been busy and have not spent much time here on ranchers but here i am these are some recent pic's of some day's around here with my favorite help enjoy jerry
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    stock dog training?????????

    there's a fella that puts on trials and some clinics in ohio his name is john lavelle i don't know him but he seems to know what he is doing from what i have been told there is a forum i post on some it's miklescowdogs.net if you go and check that out i bet you can find someone out that way...
  6. J

    Moving Cows

    great pic's sure looks like some good help you had there until later jerry
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    May have found a new horse source?

    that stud looks like he would do and babies are look nice as well a neighbor of ours in colorado had a son of shining spark and i rode some of those colts and they were all nice colts very atheletic and cowy and plenty stout enough to handle the big jobs good luck jerry
  8. J

    So you wanna hot brand a hoss ?????????

    my god some folks are just stupid aren't they later jerry
  9. J

    Hard twist horses?

    i have ridden some hard twist horses and i didn't find them to be very broncy but i believe they are no differnt from say the hankocks they got a bad rap for being broncy back before most guys in the southern part of cow country could even spell horsemanship the old guy's that i grew up...
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    new ranch horse "speed bump"

    yes fh i have been taught to ride both sides of my horses but i have to admit after a long day i tand to ride the right side and it is a habbit i have a hard time with in the fall and winter it is real easy to tell as the hair on that side of my horses gets rubbed short from my spur rowel but...
  11. J

    new ranch horse "speed bump"

    jl yep thats his name i didn't give it to him my boss did i geuss when he first got him the older horses ran him into the corral fence and he had a knot on his head that looked like a speed bump so the name just stuck later jerry
  12. J

    new ranch horse "speed bump"

    thaks wyoming rancher i'll try to get a new set of pic's this fall until later jerry
  13. J

    Good Sunday Mornin'

    shortgrass i got to thinking about wht i posted this morning and what i posted was completly selfish and centered on me if what you post touches just one person and gets them to thinking about christ and they are saved because of it then it don't matter what the rest of think about your posts...
  14. J

    new ranch horse "speed bump"

    thanks leanin h he is a cool pony and getting better all the time and drag wet saddle blanket off of at least 2 a day in this rough counrty and he has been getting his share of them as they all do around here until later jerry
  15. J

    Packin' salt on the high salt grounds

    great pic's of beutiful country i have packed alot of salt in my shoret life but onl'y once di i get to do it in the same manner as you are in those pic's i was up near steamboat springs colorado one summer and we put the salt up on the ridges and trails like you are doing and man it worked...