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    Green feed Barley

    Smooth awns will not give you much to worry about. My cattle get plenty of barley green feed with very few issues.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas H and everyone else on here. Prime rib for Christmas dinner here. Not all the city folk are on board but they all happily partake. Pretty quiet around here in Southern Alberta as our only chore so is to keep the water available. The winter so far is conducive to our preference to...
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    Word Association Game

    Make her so number 1
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    Time to Buy?

    MYT, don't let the fear of debt stifle a dream. Make sure it is a sound dream with a plan and get on with it. I wish I were less conservative in my younger years and a bit more aggressive. Things really started to roll for me when I got on with it and used debt as a tool to get the plan on...
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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    Too windy at Pincher Creek for me. Yes a little farther north.
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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    Much to the chagrin of my GPS I drove down the highway going south of Vermillion on the way home. I figured I must have been close to your place.
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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    I think they live in NY, their parents live out here and they rebuilt their parents friends (my neighbours) house and cabin etc which is across the river from my ranch. I don't know where they grew up but I never knew them. For some reason I think they grew up in BC. Lot's of cool stuff happens...
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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    I haven't seen to much action regarding Heartland but that is not unusual for winter. If they are filming they will do more in the studio. You may have seen the Property Brothers at Home on the Range series, that is across the river from our west place. All the nice views off of the deck with...
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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    Well sort of, I went up yesterday to visit gcreek. (much shorter drive than to his place) Came home this morning to avoid buying a bull that I don't need. Pretty good group of bulls to pick from though.
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    Shout out to the Ranchers on Ranchers.net

    Gcreek and I spent an enjoyable day yesterday visiting and looking at bovines and things. Having met Gcreek as a result of this forum and the many characters who spend time here, and becoming more than internet friends with many of you, it seems appropriate to thank the core group of you who...
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    Prospective opportunity to increase our cowherd

    When opportunity knocks it is up to us to recognize it and act on it. Well it is knocking for you H, you never know if and when it comes around so get on with it. You are a rancher, you might just as well have a few more cows.
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    Looking for a job in Agriculture?

    This site used to have an easy to navigate photo upload, then it was photobucket that has become less than fun. FB is easier but the friend list is to eclectic to carry on too much in depth of a ranching conversation or even political one without it being a polarizing wreck. Both take plenty of...
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    How Cold at Your House?

    Yup Gcreek, grass at our west place is awesome, hay was poor, green feed pretty good, barley nothing short of amazing. Should be able to graze our way through the winter depending on the weather and enough feed in store if it goes south. Life is pretty good here. How goes it there?
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    How Cold at Your House?

    28 F this morning, mid 50s in the day. 70 in the house all the time.
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    Preg checked the Hfrs

    Pregging Hfs on the 2nd. Hope mine do as well as yours BMR. Short breeding period too. If they are coming good I won't do night checks at all. The days are long enough. :-)