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    What would you do???????

    Good you are getting money from him.
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    What would you do???????

    If you closed the middle of September and don't take ownership until November first not sure what you can do. Was it writin down in the contract or announced at the time of sale that they would be moved October 15 or was this a gentleman hand shake? Was the original renter allowed to rent the...
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    Cattle mutilations, ufo's ?

    We have a few that you could say where mutalated. In the early 90's we had a 650 heifer calf that was killed right next to the trail leading into the tank. The neighbors house sits about 400 yards away. We had been hauling water to the tank and hauled a load right before dark and she wasn't...
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    farm subsidies

    Look no further than this crap of a farm bill now. The first meeting that I went to about on how to sing up and most of it was pushing for the SCO side. Who was going to get rich on this, insurance agents. Finally signed my ground up and still don't have a clue if its right or wrong. My...
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    Go to school and get a agri business degree maybe to a junior college. That will payoff in the long run. If all you think you want to do is ranch/farm don't spend the money on a 4 year degree that you will not use you will pay for a lot of things that you will not need. Just my opinion.
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    Buying over $3.00 diesel fuel to run a irrigation motor is cheaper than electric? Plus all the oil and filters to change oil in the motor. Been some T-L around here and they where a joke. Most guys around here that had natural gas or diesel has change to electric.
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    I've seen some wheat that is sure looking greener the last few days. Some of our irrigated sure looked that way. Starting to think we have a rerun of 2012 here :?
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    Banding calves at birth?

    I always thought that a little bit of testosterone that they would get from keeping them bulls helped with a little weight gain. Am I wrong or just crazy thinking. I have a couple cows that might give me a run for my money but I keep them around for excitement :D
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    Banding calves at birth?

    Planning ahead I was thinking about banding the calves at birth when I tag. Anybody do this and do you give them any shots to prevent any sickness? Just thinking of ways to speed up branding this year because I will have a lot on my plate around that time this year. We knife cut all our calves...
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    RFD TV

    About a month ago Dish had a dispute with CBS and they took it of the air for about 4 days. So I called and complained and they said it was to save us money. Which I laughed at the guy because I got to pay to have service to get my local channels. But he said I could go buy a rabbit ears to...
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    RFD TV

    But you have to pay more for rural tv and rfd if you get one of the basic package deals. I paid more for the rfd channel then a year later they take off the auctions. Dish and direct tv are the biggest rip offs around.
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    I just upgraded from a 5 to a 6 and the 6 is way bigger than the 5. I like having the bigger screen to read articles better than the 5. I didn't know if I would like having a I phone but after having the 5 for the last couple years I would feel lost without being about to look at the markets or...
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    Moving Bales

    We use a buffalo bale mover that pulls behind a tractor. Hauls 8 bales at a time. We bought ours used from a neighbor only paid $3500. Sure beats needing to people and or the time that it takes to handle all those bales twice.
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    swath grazing?

    Brad S, did you do this because there was still ears on the down corn? I'm thinking of just fencing half the field then graze one side. I'm going to put blabs in the calves the next 3 days, the turn the whole works out for a week. Going to move my cows to another field with a lot of regrowth...
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    swath grazing?

    This field we have not had cattle on it for 3 years and this field is a sandy loam soil. Not that you won't get compaction just not as bad on harder ground. Found that out leasing some milo ground to a guy who ran 160 hd on 75 acres on some dry land that's harder ground(not good). We have all...