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    sickle bar mower

    International......rouse or something like that.
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    sickle bar mower

    Nope. .....hence my asking around....haha
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    sickle bar mower

    Heard it changed hands and is now kinda wishywashy?????
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    sickle bar mower

    Anyone know of a place/person that fixes/refurbishes sickle bar mower heads in the south dakota area????
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    Beef Checkoff

    Not sure where this belongs...... But....yes or no can you request a refund on the $1 that goes to beef checkoff when you sell a critter? I swear I was told you could several years ago. Anyone know?
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    horse trailer

    I knew my ears were burning!!! It was my cousin Mika I believe....or her sister Neilie.....I can't remember which works for FS.....but I believe its Mika. Does that ring a bell? If not I'd have to think a little bit....
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    horse trailer

    Haha :lol: I forgot how to post pics. And not much to update. ...same ole same ole! My computer broke but I'm now on my phone which makes typing annoying :mad: Its dry in texas and the caracaras are flying north....
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    horse trailer

    What is a 1996 - 16 foot 3 horse slant w/tack worth? It has minimal rust and was prolly pulled less than 10k miles. I'd post a pic but I don't remember how :(
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    Connolly Saddles

    I live just up the road from you, so bring the whiskey and have a peak at 'er. ooooooooh that almost sounds dirty! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    FH is in Spain and needs our help

    Faster, I hope your mugging wasn't near as brutal as my flogging i received in London..apparently I was molested quite proper and left for the rats....but on a serious note, unfortunately I think your screwed like a sloth in a foot race when it comes to your account. Facebook was a total waste...
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    Word Association Game

    sawed off mutha ?
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    1/2 of a flock

    Same reason why you mound up your plate at a buffet then have to smuggle half of it out in your purse. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs :roll: :shock: :D
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    All Texans Have a Wild Hog?

    corn the sour'er the better. Down here were so dang dry a tuna can full of water would lure them in I think...
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    Lost a Cowboy Turtle

    Jack was some of Casey's top competition back in the day.... http://www.isburgfuneralchapels.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=1209630&fh_id=13278
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    So far my hens haven't had any troubles except the 100+ heat and the fact it don't rain no more. Dry as a turtles tit down here in Texas right now. Went driving at work checking things and the Guadalupe River is dried up before reaching Canyon Lake....pretty sad sight to see. Where is ole...