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    Keith Urban and Garth Brooks

    So is the dicision of the group this is a bogus topic????
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    Impaled on a piece of protruding pipe

    I must admit I've never seen a cow die like that before. :shock:
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    Bull Dyke

    Guess there wasn't a miracle. :mad:
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    And you all think????

    Leaked Memo Fuels Kansas AG Concerns by The Associated Press September 15, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET (Topeka, Kansas) GQ magazine declared he would do anything to stop abortion and called him the future of the anti-abortion movement. Planned Parenthood put him on a list of 15 Americans it saw as...
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    Have a little fun

    Very good point nobody has to stay and a few of us refuse to leave. :lol:
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    Have a little fun

    I also think they get tired of being jumped on every time they do not agree with the right people. I think if some here would look honestly at the board they would realize once one jumps on the band wagon several follow. :roll:
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    Have a little fun

    Someone needs a lesson in manners or a nap...................
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    Have a little fun

    Good point!
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    To bad there wasn't a cure for STUPID...............

    Murder is murder? If there is a difference in killing and murder why isn't there a difference in premeditated murder and a murder done on a whim? :???:
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    What Happened to Dis?????

    I'm also relieved to see someone staying.............. :shock: many more leave and it will just be patting on the backs here lacking much debate.
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    Bull Dyke

    LOL Way to go Jigs killing so many men's fantasies with that thought! :wink:
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    Bull Dyke

    :D :D :) :-) :D :) :-) Jigs you are hilarious at times!
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    ok guys protect me, i may get slapped.

    :D :D :D I agree it is funny!
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    Life Sentence without hate crime prosecution.....

    Perhaps prision is easier then the way they tied him to a fence had beat him and left him for dead but no I wouldn't support the death penelty in this case that would be the easy way out. Let them rot in prision and be some big guys girlfriend.
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    Recent pictures, September 9, 2006

    Soapweed I also attended the game in Hyannis and watched as Cody won. Hyannis had won against Thedford the week before but only managed to score once in the Cody game. What did you guys think of the "unseasoned" announcer that said Hyannis scored a touchdown they put it on the board only to...