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    Hey Soap

    give me aPM. Might have just the deal for your family.
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    New computer

    And I thought I was the only one who is totally disgusted with Microsoft! Bought a new laptop a few months ago,Micro 8.0 and hated it so much, I bought 7.0 to replace it--Only to find out that 125 dollars was down the drain also. Yep, you're right, some newer printers will not work with 8.0...
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    Try Tire Rack.com. They price them and review them from others who have purchased the tires. Works great for me regardless of the vehicle.
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    'nother tractor question

    Have this little Kubota and it is the toughest small tractor you want. It is a "gray" market model(something I didn't know about before I bought it) but found out that parts are available in Canada by e mail in 3 days. I've had this thing for going on 10 yrs now and it sure doesn't owe me...
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    September 19, 2012

    Caused by scunks digging up grubs. Usually happens on side hill with good drainage. I planted 800 lbs of grass seed one year and it came right up- no problem since. You can spray for the grubs IF you can afford to- expensive.
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    IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!

    Your tractor/baler combination was exactly what I had a zillion yrs ago. My advice is to not get in a hurry. That baler just didn't want to accept the rpm's of that old red beast. Think the whole package cost around 1300 to start with. OH-The timing is critical as I'm sure you discovered...
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    Found this trailer Is it too big?

    Have a 16 ft that I pull with a 1/2 Ford,5 sp,short bed. Wouldn't suggest it for a long trip. Biggest problem is keeping big cows out of the front end=drops that little pick up rear end fast.
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    Advice for the young

    Consider this: Kid did go to college,did earn the money for college and then did want to put the skill set and the education to use on the farm/ranch. Couldn't make it work. Just to much "we have always done it like this" attitude. 30 years later, the farm/ranch is run down,place didn't...
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    Question on a small hp tractor

    I use a grey market Kubota 285-30 hp,32 forward gears using h/w ect,540+3 higher speeds power take off, no front wheel assist, diesel,4 cyl: Have clipped a zillion weeds,cleaned lots,drilled LOTS of post holes hauled single round bales around to feed... in short, I use it hard. Power to spare...
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    Back mouthed cur

    Have a male laying right beside my chair now. 10 yrs old. Flew down to Gulfport Ms to get him a 4 wks old from Ladners (long time breeders who use them primarily as hunting dogs). He started working livestock really early without any prompting from me, just wanting to please. Note of...
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    All Texans Have a Wild Hog?

    270 Hornady Varmit pushed my 58 grains of powder "might" catch up to one.
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    Grazing alfalfa

    Little Joe: Next time try an apple. Maybe not the whole thing just some of it. Works for me.
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    Cows won't go in woods...

    Had the same problem once. After tearing the old grass up and replanting better grass, it still didn't improve the utilization. Finally got out my chainsaw and proceeded to get some daylight to the grass. Mistake I made was not cutting high enough or thinning enough. Much better but not ideal.
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    What do you call a farmer

    See if I can get this the way it was explained to me. Ranch Rodeo Assn. said that if you had 350 hd of cows, you were a rancher with a ranch. Under that and you were not a rancher who could not qualify to compete in their rodeos. Now our team was just pretty damn good but we couldn't have...
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    Is this the beginnings of cancer eye?

    Had a steer once with a similar looking eye. Also had a pretty good country vet who took a scalpel and cut the eye where the white spot was, injected an antibiotic. Month later never would know it was there. Vet said that the eye was probably irritated from hay/grass weed seed,ect. I hate to...