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  1. J

    Filthy Food

    Hmmm mentioning anal and kitchen in the same sentence makes me wonder about the germs..... :wink:
  2. J

    Are you out of your mind?????????

    If anyone would actually read the financials of Ranchers Beef that are included in the Martinez document, it's easy to see a business that never had a chance. 2005 saw sales of nearly 67 million dollars but less than 3 million dollars of "profit" after direct expenses. 4.4% return after direct...
  3. J

    Efficient cattle

    That isn't all that uncommon. I was at the Beef Development Center in Texas and saw the gain and feed conversion charts for bulls on test. Many low gainers were higher efficiency. There were high gainers with high and low efficiency, and the worst were the low gainers with low efficiency. Lots...
  4. J

    Canadians See The Value of Cattle Decline

    That's a crap assesment, not long ago it was blamed on a pegged currency. Now it's blamed on a free market currency. Sh!t happens. It can be sad that producers get taken out by market forces, but nothing in life is garanteed. Anyone that thinks thay have a right to make money in the cattle biz...
  5. J

    I'M Done!!!!

    My cows are going to town as well. If I'm lucky I will be just able to pay off the debts and keep the land. Nasty stuuf has happened to my family as well as the no profit in cows deal. Looks like Canada will become a non export country soon. If we lose all the producers I thik we will, the...
  6. J

    Sold calves, drys yesterday

    Multiple factors. Fats are hanging at $78 cwt with downward pressure. Cost of gain at feedlots is projected at 90 cents because of high grain prices, forage rates are based on grain prices as well. A common silage formula is 10 times the cash barley bushel price for a wet ton of silage...
  7. J


    Till might have something to do with the machine, not the clerk? I wonder how many of the "stats" are accurate. Take 36 million divide by 24 = 1.5 million divide by 60 equals 25,000 . Points say they make 20928 in profit each minute...That would be over 81% profit on every dollar.
  8. J

    Another meat recall.

    I merely used the steam as one example. It was mentioned in an article and apperantly it took the e-coli and made it airborne, landing everywhere. Current practice is to clean the entire area each day after shift. If the lines had to be shut down durng a shift, costs would be huge. A couple...
  9. J

    Horse slaughter - en espanol

    What do you think their next target will be? If they get away with this one cattle slaughter will be next.
  10. J

    Another meat recall.

    Some expensive controls implimented have actually been the problem. I have read where steam cleaning equipment actually just spread the e-coli contaminant all over the plant instead of eliminating it. Good old fashioned bleach and hand washing proved more effective than the thousands spent on...
  11. J

    Direct marketing

    The absolute first thing you need to do is know the rail price and the processing costs. Just adding those 2 costs together is selling below wholesale. You have gained nothing for your effort, no matter how enjoyable you may have found it. PureCountry, wait for the questions most consumers...
  12. J

    Another meat recall.

    I read an article where many folks think it is good there are recalls like this. To them it shows someone is watching and is protecting them. It makes them confident that the system in place works.
  13. J

    Does the united States need a beef export market ?

    The scare tactics of foreign beef have been used for years, hasn't happened yet. The higher freight costs get the less likely raw materials will move great distances. Integrated beef supply is most likely the way the industry will survive. It can't be based on the chicken or pork models...
  14. J

    Does the united States need a beef export market ?

    And somehow you think those countries won't experience the same pressures? Australia has most of their cattle industry in shambles from their extended drought. South America is under watch for foot and mouth. Only processed beef is allowed in. To try to bring up many Central American calves...
  15. J

    Does the united States need a beef export market ?

    So now we all agree the most limiting factor in profitable cattle production is land costs. Is it easier for producers to control the cattle to the retail beef stage? Or is it easier for packers to control the cattle back to the ranch? The point about the cost of the land is that there comes a...