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    Core Meltdown

    Just a little heads-up for anyone coming from another site: The Coffee Shop at Ranchers.net has always been a friendly place where everyone is welcome. Even if we disagree in other forums here at Ranchers, we all try to get along in the Coffee Shop. You can mix it up over industry issues in...
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    Pharo Bulls

    Let's try to keep it about the bulls and/or their management, please.
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    February 16 and 17, 2015

    I've edited that for you. Are you not seeing the small pencil at the top of your post? That takes you to the edit option. If it's disappearing after a certain period of time, I'll contact Macon and see if that can be changed/extended. With a lot of the newer software, be it smartphones...
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    Farrier Schools

    If you wish to send someone a PM related to one of their posts, click on the 'Contact" icon below that member's profile information on the right side of the post. Click on the icon that shows up and a PM window will open quoting that post. Additionally, you can still go to that member's profile...
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    Stevenson Angus Ranh

    You gentlemen keep your politically-based insults and fighting out of Ranch Talk, please.
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    2013 Heifer Calves

    I agree that it's a good idea to keep the politics out of Ranch Talk. We already have an entire forum dedicated to the political discourse and bickering: Political Bull Let's talk about the cattle!
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    Connecticut School Shooting

    This isn't directed at anyone in particular, but just a reminder that this is Ranch Talk, not Political Bull. Let's all try to keep this discussion civil so that we can keep it in here where more members are comfortable participating in the discussion. There's no way that we can keep all of...
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    Lying sack of ...............

    We don't have many rules in Political Bull. However, one of the rules we do have is that we aren't going to allow pictures containing the family members of other posters to be used with the clear intent of something personal. In fact, let's all try to do as Macon has asked and keep it more...
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    Ethanol byproducts could increase polio in cattle

    Let's drag this one off.
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    President For a Day...

    Good idea, MsSage. This has the potential to be a really good topic from sweetbasil so let's move it to Political Bull so that nobody will feel inhibited in their discussion.
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    Some of you seem to have forgotten about this fairly simple request from Macon: In Bull Session and Political Bull, we try to let your own consciences determine what is posted and it is our preference to have very limited moderating. We really don't like any censorship in these two forums...
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    First Ladies

    Let's go ahead and drag this one to the dead pile.
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    NC woman linked to Gore divorce

    If anyone wants to attack another poster over political issues, have at it. But let's leave the family members of other posters out of these discussions.
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    Pig F/Hypocrit/Hoppy do it Again

    This is Political Bull. It isn't PM Bull. Those of you who want to gossip about Private Messages and share Private Messages need to do it with Private Messages. Those of you who want a knock-down, drag-out fight over political issues are in the right place. Let's get back to the politics!
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    Al and Tipper Gore announce split.

    Let's wrap this one up.