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    English Shepherds

    Try the English Shepherd Club-- http://www.englishshepherd.org/breeders-with-puppies.html We have two English Shepherds, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. We got our female from Oklahoma and the male from Wyoming. They are great kid dogs, but they are great cattle/sheep dogs for us...
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    Not being nosy, but I have a 'traditions' question for you.

    Thank you, Leaning H, Big Muddy, and Faster for the ideas. Spent some time today talking about it again, even brought it up to an older class and had a few really neat ones. I guess time marches on---although, like all three of you, have a spent a good part of my day thinking back on my...
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    Not being nosy, but I have a 'traditions' question for you.

    Was discussing a story with the kids today, and talking about traditions around the holidays, specifically Christmas (since it seems to be easier for them to think about right now!), and I was slightly amazed by the lack of traditions being carried down today. I am not judging, mind you, I was...
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    Ebola patient has died

    Based on the book (Preston/USAMRIID/CDC information), the Reston strain of Ebola did have at least one confirmed case in the US--a man who worked in the monkey house. He survived because the Reston strain is more like a terrible flu---killed monkeys all the same, but not humans. At the end of...
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    Ebola patient has died

    Yes, Hypo, you were correct on two levels. One of the physical signs of Ebola in all of the chimps at Reston, VA, and at the USMARID was that immediately after death during the necropsy, the notes were always the same, "the internal organs looked like those of an animal that had been dead three...
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    Ebola patient has died

    There is a book, The Hot Zone by Robert Preston, that details the original Marsburg, Ebola Sudan, and Ebola Zaire outbreaks of the 70's thru 90's---nonfiction--scary stuff. As I am reading it right now, I have to keep putting it down because what the US military's biohazard team has to say is...
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    Sending condolences, Soap and family---May your memories brng smiles and his teachings live on through each of you as God's greatest gifts.
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    Muck Boots, steps in it.

    I think this is one of those opportunities for members of the ag community to speak out against HSUS. I was happy to leave a comment on Muck Boots page, as I think we all should. We know we are bigger (as in numbers) and better (strictly an IQ thing!) than HSUS, and maybe it is time that...
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    Common Core reading

    Hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but there is a reason Bill Gates has his fingers and his checkbook open for this (Race to the Top funds, InBloom testing, grants and scholarships to different colleges). I am amazed at how the Dept. of Ed. in my own state is constantly trying to spin and cover...
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    Common Core reading

    All I have to say about Common Core is that if people thought the education system was a mess before, just wait---it will get worse!
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    Experts: Healthcare.gov Needs Time & Money

    And it looks like they might have found a way to bring in some money and nmbers---take away the Anonymous Shopper button...and lie some more... http://eaglerising.com/3117/obama-order-official-lie-congress/#kxYOPGfvFqEKyLbu.03
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    Here is a question for Oldtimer

    The problem with teaching to the test is that the same test is administered to all 4-8-11 graders across the country; but, each state has its own set of state standards. Because of this, and because certain states cannot seem to raise their scores and meet AYP, we now have Common Core. Pretty...
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    Education Is Rotting

    I do not have a clue about the teacher tests that Callifornia or Georgia use, but in North Dakota and South Dakota we use the PRAXIS test. I will leave a couple of the sites for PRAXIS practice tests that have been retired. http://praxismathpractice.com/Default.aspx?Page=Home choose the...
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    Science projects 2013

    This teacher thinks they both did an outstanding job! Good job!
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    Feinsteins Respect the Marriage Act

    And it is terrible that this Coalition didn't see the need to check with the former First Lady to see if they could use her sound bite/words. She has asked to be removed, and I bet others will follow, since it doesn't appear this group has the common courtesy to even let its front speakers know...
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    Dr. Ben Carson--Nat'l Prayer Breakfast

    It is almost 28 minutes long, but well worth the listen. It was telling to see how the reaction to what he was saying changed once it was realized he was using present-day examples of his parables. At about 17 minutes in, he hits on many of the problems of today (education, taxation, deficit...
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    Who is to blame for indoctrinating the children?

    So, how many of you on here know if your state is a member of the Common Core? If not, look at this map http://www.corestandards.org/in-the-states and then read the two articles my M. Malkin http://michellemalkin.com/2013/01/31/rotten-to-the-core-reader-feedback-from-the-frontlines/ Make sure...
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    White House may consider funding for police in schools

    Waste of time; waste of money. As has probably been discussed on here on other threads, those whose minds are sick or those who are bent on destroying the innocent will find a way to do so. It should be up to each individual school district to choose, but if the feds don't lift some of the...
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    Presidential Election Funfact

    Don't even know if this is true or not as it came from a FB friend---to be truthful, I just like the way it turns out! Don't go Redskins! The weekend before the election if the Redskins lose history has shown that the incumbent president also loses the election... The REDSKINS LOST today...
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    Discussion Please

    Which might make sense if that is what they were really setting cut % for---not that it would be right, but it might make more sense! If I get my lessons done for the night, I will try and do some looking back through the CCSS documents---maybe I missed something. But based on the fact that it...