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    hope yur right but it's not lookin good around here battle rivers so low could almost walk across it :?
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    "q" Pictures

    looks good ,better then the turkey wife's cookin for Easter dinner,that's just foul :wink:
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    Working Dogs (This one's for you Soap)

    dogs were doin what they're bred to do,always should tie up or lock up a good stock dog!! 8)
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    Adios Amigos

    grassfarmer...get yur butt back in here just suggested to the future son in law to start reading in ranchers ranchtalk hes just starting out with cattle and is leanin the way you do.can't afford to lose guys like you,pure or cory your teachin our next generation on the ways of the future lot...
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    Adios Amigos

    funny i don't see him being brave hidin behind a pm should cowboy up and tell his thoughts on the board.we could maybe all learn sumthin if him and grassfarmer get out in open and do some sparrin. 8)
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    can't watch curling boring but Martin is a homeboy so seen last 2 minutes enough to see i'll be seeing a gold medal in some parades around here this summer. Hockey at noon,should be a good game,either gold or silver for Canucks & Yanks... 8)
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    MY DOG

    lookin to me like you just proved bullhaulers point moderator 8)
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    I don't get it

    You know what -a border collie doesn't go back to the house?Learned that awhile back
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    Play Nice

    good luck bud!
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    Surprising answer!

    :wink: right! had the worst steak of my life in WEM on Friday night,tooted as angus,just remember not all that advertising's good!!
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    Only In Meadow Lake

    wish our season was still on moose moved in across road on pasture 4 of them eating a smorg and takin fences down along the way. 8)
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    New Corb Lund Cd

    stole it outta sons truck,been listening to it all day....maybe give it back to him for Xmas present....or NOT :wink: 8)
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    My Son-Just Call Him Santa

    only filled one tag but did lots of huntin,just filled deep freeze so no room anyway. looks like yur kids all did good again northern. 8)
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    How long will the Weather Hold?

    supposed to start stormin tonite ,maybe get the little woman to snuggle with me all weekend :twisted: 8)