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    Aug. 27th Pics

    [ Suppose that Raven bull would cross on my matrix hiefier?? ] Could probably make that happen! :lol: Our Raven calves have done a very good job. My only complaint is that you have to watch for white. They like to get a little to much on them at times.
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    Cattle photos

    I agree good pics Katrina. Really like the shape and design of the Matrix dtr. If you ever tire of her just send her over here. I could probably find a place for her.
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    Aug. 27th Pics

    Thanks for the compliments. I am certainly happy with how the calves are growing and how the gentics are playing out. I cant say to much about Herfords as we bought a small group of them this spring to use as embryo recip cows. They are raising some mighty fancy baldies right at the moment.
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    Aug. 27th Pics

    I dont post to much but try and read whats going one daily. Had chance yesterday to take a couple pics of a few of my bull calves, then a picture of one of our heifers we are going to be selling this fall in a show heifer sale. Here is a bull calf born 2/18/11 sired by BC Lookout 7024 and...
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    Feeding Wheat & Pea Silage

    I have the chance to buy some Wheat & Pea silage for about half of what hay is running per ton around here right now, but my question is first how good of a feed is it going to be and second how much will I generally have to feed per day in comparison to feeding a high quality alfalfa grass hay...
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    Texas bull

    Are you talking about the Salt Creek Bob bull?
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    Looking for some input

    Silver, I certainly wont argue anything you are saying. As I have said on other message board regarding this topic. At the end of the day you have to be happy with the cattle that are standing in your pasture. Now if those cows make you money well . . . . :roll: FH, I agree but along the...
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    Looking for some input

    I had an interesting question arise to me yesterday. I said I would post it on here and see what kind of interesting feedback there was. What is the perfect frame scored commercial cow? Now I know a lot of people say a moderate framed easy fleshing cow. I wont disput that. The heart of this...
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    Picture of a heifer I raised . . .

    Justin, she is sired by Tc Total 410 and out of a Krugerand of Donamere 490 cow. I wish I was still showing because I think this heifer has a lot of good parts. She also isnt obese in the photo but still has the parts that will make her a cow later on. IMO.lol H, she was born 2/13/09. She...
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    Picture of a heifer I raised . . .

    Thanks BMR, we had her consigned to a sale but brought her home. I had about a dozen people tell me that if I had her fatter she would have sold better but I just cant justify it and I HATE seeing this females obese. There were cattle there this weekend that could hardly walk. Always...
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    Picture of a heifer I raised . . .

    She is out of our oldest cow who will be 11 next year and keeps doing a great job! Im pretty proud of her. I dont very often get to see any of my heifers all clipped and cleaned up so its something a little different. If anyone is looking for a show heifer email me! :wink:
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    I want to send a HUGE thank you to Old Timer! ! !

    I finally got a second to post and say Thank You for the puppy! "Sky" is fitting in nicely and is incredibly smart! Possibly to smart for her own good. I have no doubt she will be a heluva dog when she grows up! If anyone is looking for a nice Border Collie pup see what you can talk Dick out...
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    Pictures of a few of my calves!

    [What do you think of the Industry calves?] The one heifer I couldnt get a photo of is actually by MSAR Sheriff that Vermilion Ranch purchased from Minert and Sons. Sheriff is by Industry. I really like this heifer. She isnt as feminine as I like but still a very nice heifer. Has a lot of...
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    Pictures of a few of my calves!

    This is the first time I have posted with pictures so I am hoping it will work! The first two photos are of two bull calves that are by TC Franklin 619 and out of first calf heifers. This next one is a heifer that is by Connealy Power One and out of a Morgans DirectionsXVRD first calf...
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    Opportunity Knocks!!!

    I agree with you Soap. He is a heck of a bull, no doubt. If I was in a commercial operation where I was A.I.ing cows I would try him out! :wink: