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    August 2014 pictures

    Thanks for your phone number. I actually just got your pm yesterday afternoon and we're already home. Maybe next time, we seem to go to or through Nebraska once or twice a year. Pretty state, btw. Very different from what I think of when I think of Nebraska.
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    August 2014 pictures

    Hey, Soapweed. I and the hubby passed through your neck of the woods yesterday. Just wanted to say hi. Sitting in Norfolk right now, we're taking in Thunder by the River. We don't have tractor pulling in Saskatchewan like there is down here.
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    Hi everybody

    I've heard through the grapevine that some of you have asked about me now and again. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Just seem to be so busy doing this and that, running here and there. Right now, I'm sitting in a hotel in Bismarck, ND. Exciting!!!! I miss you all, too, and I do lurk in the...
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    How do you all find time?

    I hear what you're saying, OT, about the price of hay. We presold all our bales for $100 a bale. That wasn't the price we set, either. That's what we were offered. Almost all of it is going to two dairy farms. Even if it isn't dairy quality, they want it. They'll just mix it with other feed to...
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    How do you all find time?

    The hay fields vary alot! Some fields are yielding 2 to 3 bales per acre, some not even a half a bale an acre. Quality is going downhill fast, though. Yesterday I got the day off, had some rain in the morning. But I'll be back at'er after lunch. Have to make up for lost time, don't ya know!
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    How do you all find time?

    To be on here so much, that is? Good Lord, it's days between each time I can catch a few minutes just reading and catching up, let alone posting. Tonight the guys are out baling so I finally have some time alone. Between keeping up things in the house, and in the yard, and cutting hay, my time...
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    Wouldn't know. :mad:
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    All I can say, Mrs. G., is lucky you!! We're still looking. Maybe today .....
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    Word of advice for the guys

    Mrs. G., face it, most men are just dinks and only know how to yell when things don't go their way. I do not have enough fingers on my hands to count how many times I have said do it yourself and walked away. No amount of pleading and whining will bring me back either. It's more fun just sitting...
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    Help us name our little cowboy

    I've always been partial to Michael, too. (Not for the same reason as you, though. :wink: ). Michael Henry, to be exact. As for suggested names, how about Jake, Josh, Hank, Troy?
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    whats a tooth woth in 2009?

    $4????? Holy cow! Inflation has even hit the tooth fairy in the pocket. :shock: We got a dime. (Am I aging myself here? :???: )
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    Not The Weekend I Expected

    Get well wishes being sent your way, take care NR.
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    Cow/Calf pairs for sale

    Sorry to hear that, NR. I think there's going to be a whole lot more pairs hitting the market soon, just isn't any grass or hay to keep them over. I feel real bad for anyone who has to sell what they've worked to build. Alot of good cows are going to end up as some city people's supper, too. I...
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    Nobody home?

    Hey Nicky, glad you're getting some rain. Could you send some our way? It's damn depressing watching the clouds go by and not giving us a drop. As for nobody being around, I guess they all have things to do. I wish I had enough stuff to do to keep myself busy. Takes your mind off your troubles...
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    So this is what green looks like

    Husband came down for a 2 day auction sale. I went with him yesterday, but I couldn't stand to torture myself for another day. I'm just going to hang out in the hotel room today, and then we're out of here tomorrow. And yes, I'm sure we could come up with a couple of things to warm up with. :-)